O3+ Power Mask Treatment 2040 Review - Reinvent Your Skin.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

O3+ Power Mask Treatment 2040 Review - Reinvent Your Skin.

O3 Plus Power Mask Gel Review

O3 + have huge range of products be it facial masks, peel offs, night creams and plenty of whitening facial creams etc. This is the very first time I'm using an O3 plus product. It's a facial mask for younger looking wrinkle free skin. Normally I don't use masks on my sensitive skin but sometimes you get to see amazing claims that to you can't resist trying those products. Similar was the case with this O3 Plus Power Mask Gel because of its the word Treatment 2040, in its name. Though it came at a bit healthier price but still I grabbed it because of its attractive and impulsive name. Let's take a look at its other details & claims.
O3 + Power Mask Review
O3 Plus Power Mask Gel
O3 Plus Power Mask Details:
Concern - Skin tightening, peel off mask
Skin Type - Dry, matured skin
Benefits - Tightens, nourishes skin
Details - Suitable for matured skin with dryness and fine lines, Caviar Mask firms the skin and provides nourishment by reducing wrinkles by 50 % in the first application.
How to use : Simply mix the gel with powder, stir it for 2 minutes and apply appropriate amount of peel off mask onto the face and neck. Leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes and peel off.

- Rs 395/- for 120 g.


O3 + Power Mask Review
O3 Plus Power Mask Gel

O3 + Power Mask Review

This facial mask comes in a simple white colored tube like most of the facial masks. Though this tube is slightly longer than the regular tubes but very light weight. The mask looks like a transparent clear gel which is too liquid in consistency and slips very easily. Take a look of this gel below.

O3 + Mask ReviewO3 + Skin Whitening Mask Review
Application & Results:
As mentioned, this mask is of very liquid consistency, so when I applied it on the face, very little amount of this was required to cover the entire face. In fact a lot of gel was left in my palm when I used it first time. Since it was very thin layer of mask unlike Oriflame White Peel Off Mask, so it dried up very quickly in less than 10 minutes. After that when I tried to peel it off, I had a tough time removing it since it didn't come out in one stroke. This could be the reason of the thin layer application. So next time I applied it in a very thick layer which took a little more time to dry and also came off easily.

The results were quite good, Clean and Clear brighter looking skin with tighten pores. Though there was not any such remarkable difference after using this mask but mostly like what we get from regular peel offs, a bright radiant glowing skin. The only thing which differentiates this mask is that I could see a slight reduction in the size of the open pores. There wasn't huge reduction but could be noticed on a close look.

Overall I find this O3 + Power Mask to be a little better than average facial masks because it makes pores less visible. Rest all features and results are normal like other masks, skin brightening with a glowing radiance. So yes this definitely comes as an instant solution to brighten up face before parties, functions but this comes at a slightly higher price than the regular ones.


Open Pores less noticeable.
Remove oil, dirt dust giving a tightening effect.
Skin looks bright & radiant with a touch of glow.
Skin looks soft & supple with added moisture for good for dry skin as claimed.
Does not irritate skin.
Dries pretty fast.

A  bit expensive than regular mask.
Can't say about its efficiency in reduction on wrinkles.
Very thin consistency, requires double layer for proper pull.
Not so easily available.

  1. Have not tried a peel off mask for quite sometime. This sounds like a good option.

  2. Have not tried this at all but it looks great! Lovey review Babe :)

  3. I love peel-off masks, will check it out for sure.

  4. With which powder it should be mixed?

  5. With which powder it should be mixed?

  6. How much quantity should take of powder and gel


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