Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Review For Long Shiny Hair

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Review For Long Shiny Hair

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil Review

My hair were getting very dull dry and rough. After trying so many hair oils and conditioners, I came back to this Mahabhringraj hair oil. I have used Maha Bhringraj hair oil earlier also and was quite happy with the results but then for some reasons I was using simple coconut oil which wasn't bad but my hair colour and quality was not the way it use to be. This is when this Mahabhringraj hair oil came to my mind which not only helped me improving hair texture but also it's colour making it look rich. Last time I used some other brand Bhringraj hair oil, this time it's Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil and after using it for almost 3 weeks, here I am with its review.

Dabur Hair Oil Review

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hail Oil Claims & Ingredients

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is a combination of 100% pure and herbal ingredients. It is an Ayurvedic Tonic which gives complete hair care with solution to several hair problems. It has been proven safe and have no harsh or allergic reactions on scalp or hairs. A unique combination of herbs gives treatment to hair fall and makes hair strong by making the roots strong.

Best Hair Oil For Long Shiny Hair

Herbs in Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil:

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is mainly contains Maha Bhringraj but it is a combination of several natural herbs. It has several vegetable Oils (including Bhringraj extract) 58%, Mineral Oil 40% & Sugandhit dravya.

Benefits of Maha Bhringraj Kesh Tail

Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is an Herbal mixture. The list of its benefits is very long. With natural ingredients in it, it fights very easily with the problem of Dandruff. It prevents hair loss and hair fall problem. Preventing premature greying it’s one of the main benefits. It nourishes scalp and also treats the problems of headache and sleeplessness.

Maha Bhringraj is one of the well-known natural herbs. It is also very well recognized herb in medical aspects as its benefits have been proven scientifically. Maha Bhringraj is very good for those who are facing the problem of hair loss, premature greying and dandruff. It relieves head ache and also relaxes headache. It has ability of nourishing hairs and relaxing mind and body.

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil Benefits & Uses

Dabur Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil gives all the benefits of Bhringraj herb. It will control the hair fall problem and make the hair strong by making roots strong. It also controls dandruff and additionally, it makes your hair darker and luxurious. It is free from artificial ingredients or chemical ingredients, that’s why it is safe. There is no side effect of Maha Bhringraj known.

Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Price - Rs 105/- for 200 ml.

Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Review

As mentioned above, I started using this Dabur Mahabhringraj hair oil when I felt noticeable difference in my hair quality like roughness, dryness and also tangles, making it very difficult for me to manage them easily. After being very happy with Dabur Almond Hair Oil, I just went ahead and ordered this one online. It's easily available online on Flipkart, Amazon and other sites as well as offline.

Dabur Mahabhringraj Oil Texture, Fragrance, Use & Application

This Maha Bhringraj oil is very light, liquid with a greenish black colour. The fragrance is very gentle and it would surely be liked by most of people bcos it's so light and soothing. Coming to the application part, I normally take little amount in a bowl, make it warm and then apply on my scalp rubbing it little so that it goes inside for deep nourishment. After applying,  I leave it overnight or at least for 3-4 hours and then shampoo as usual.

Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Results

I have been using this oil in the above mentioned way since 3 weeks with a frequency of 2-3 times in a week. Since it's very hot these days, I have to shampoo quite frequently so just few hours before hair wash I try using this oil. And after using it few times, I could see visible shine in my hair. Not just that, hair feels soft to touch and has a nice look overall. All this difference I have felt over 2-3 weeks using it around 8-10 times in this much time. Not just that my hair fall has also reduced  little which I didn't expect though but I can feel my hair much stronger these days.

So this was my overall review on Dabur Mahabhringraj Hair Oil. This is surely one of the best hair oils to give you long, shiny, silky hair which every girl crave for. Along with being effective, this is budget friendly and non greasy as well. So if you too are going through any hair problems, you must give this Dabur Hair Oil a try at least once.

Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Pros

Very light, non sticky and non greasy hair oil.
Gives nice shine to hair with softness.
Easily available online offline both.
Has a gentle non irritating fragrance.
Very affordable and budget friendly.
Reduces hair fall after regular use.

Mahabhringraj Hair Oil Cons

Packaging not so user friendly, oil might leek or spill out due to unfriendly packaging.

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