Oriflame White Peel Off Mask Review

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Oriflame White Peel Off Mask Review

ORIFLAME Peel Off Mask with Sorbaine & Liquorice extracts + Whitening Complex is a kind of skin whitener in a form of mask peeling off dead dull skin giving you whiter brighter looking skin. I bought this whitening mask long ago when I had Oriflame membership and that was the reason I bought so many of its products like kajal, foundation, bronzer, Oriflame Lipstick, Oriflame Peach Me Glow and many more. I am not too obsessed with skin whitening products and kind of avoid them because of my sensitive acne prone skin but when I rely a brand I usually try most of its products and so was the case with this white peeling mask. I used to use this whitening mask before but somehow forgot to review it but today I bring you the detail review and my experience with this Oriflame Skin Whitening Mask.

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Oriflame White Peel Off Mask Review
Oriflame Optimals White Peel Off Mask

Oriflame Optimals White Peel Off Mask Details:
Whitening mask that peels impurities and dead skin cells to help reveal a lightened complexion.
Smooth evenly over clean face avoiding eye area. Leave to dry for 10 minutes, then peel-off gently. Use once or twice a week.

PRICE: Rs 449/- for 75 ml.

Oriflame White Mask
Oriflame Peel Off Mask Ingredients

Oriflame Peel Off Mask Review

This peel off mask comes in simple white plastic tube quite similar to regular cleanser tubes in white colored sturdy tube with a flip cap for convenient use. The mask inside is almost clear with a slight  tint with a thick texture & has a very refreshing fragrance which is little strong but not at all irritating. Take a look below to know how it looks like.

Oriflame Mask Review Whitening Peel Off Mask

Texture &  Application:
As mentioned this White Peel Off Mask looks clear with a thick base. On application a generous amount of this is required to cover the entire face. If you use it nicely, one could feel almost one fourth tube empty with just one to two usage. This actually makes this whitening mask even more expensive. I applied it on my entire face and waited for 10 minutes to dry, the time mention on the tube. However I could clearly see the mask did not dried up and could not be peeled off easily. So I just left for another 10 minutes. So in about 20 minutes I was ready to peel this off. On peel the mask came out very easily in just a single pull without any wear and tear.

Instantly on pulling off the mask, I could see a brighter looking clear skin with a gentle glow on my face. There was slight redness on my cheeks but it's very normal with me since I have sensitive skin and it gets easily red on using anything for more than few minutes. The redness disappeared after few minutes as expected after I washed my face with cold water. I do have few tiny open pores on my right cheek but I could hardly see any difference in their size at all. Also there was no whitening of skin as claimed. Its just that the this mask removed all dirt, dust, oiliness resulting into a brighter skin which definitely looked white for few minutes or few hours but that was just temporary.

Overall I think Oriflame White Peel Off Mask is a good event mask and one could use it to get glowing skin instantly with added whiteness which is although temporary but good for parties and functions. It's suitable for all skin types including sensitive since I used this on my sensitive skin. If you feel any redness, itching or any sort of irritation, just discontinue the use immediately.


Nice travel friendly packaging.
Instantly brightens face removes dirt & dust.
Removes oil accumulation giving a gentle glow.
Suitable for all skin types.
Skin feels tight after use.

Generous amount required for single use which makes it more expensive.
Not easily available.
Does not whiten skin as claimed.

  1. Oriflame products are love only ! I think this one is good too :) Nice review!


  2. Seems a good mask for me as I've to travel a lot for my field job and dues to this my face becomes very dull and oily. I was looking for something that can remove dirt and oil easily and I think its perfect for me.


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