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Monday, January 23, 2012



Now this post is about a product that is must for all girls & winters makes it more important. Well no more suspense I am talking about HAIR CONDITIONER, but this time its not only hair conditioner but a LEAVE IN HAIR CONDITIONER & that too homemade. Now why I thought to make it because it provides your hair with good conditioning, light fragrance & most importantly I have seen very few leave in conditioners in market so I thought why not give it a try to a homemade one. Isnt it interesting to make a leave it conditioner at home with few products already found at  home most of the times & that too in minutes, its so quick.

So here it is:

Products Required to make a leave in conditioner

  Any good brand conditioner , preferably one meant for dry hair.

  I am using this Wella conditioner , you can use one you have of any good brand:

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2  Any unscented oil or one with nice gentle fragrance, since you are going to leave this conditioner in your hair.

    I am using this Biotique Wellness Oil

3  Any cologne or splash or essential oil of your choice. I am using this  Blue Lady Splash


  Bowl to Mix

  Any bottle to store.


Once you have got all the products you can start making the conditioner. Take about 1 tbsp spoon of your conditioner, 1/4th tbsp of oil, 8 to 10 drops of cologne/splash & start mixing them in a bowl. Keep mixing till you get a smooth paste

I got like this.

Now take about 3 to 4 parts of water in a bowl & mix it with the paste.  You can adjust the water as per your requirement, since I don't like too runny conditioner I took 3 parts of water. you can take more if you like the mixture to be bit more thin. Now make sure you keep stirring till you get a consistent mixture. This will take around 40 to 50 second & its done. Your own homemade leave in conditioner is ready.

Now the last step....pour the conditioner into any empty bottle.

So here is your own homemade leave in conditioner to provide you with deep conditioning & also to keep your hair smooth & soft specially in winters. Inexpensive is an added benefit. Do try &tell me how it comes out. Take care

  1. Thanks, I was on this site http://andthenshesaved.squarespace.com/and-then-she-saved/how-to-make-homemade-leave-in-conditioner.html
    and I saw your comment. I just threw away a spray can recently and I really needed another option! Yours is much better, thank you :)
    I shall try it soon!

    1. Ur most welcome dear, do try & share your views


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