Boroline Cream Review - Uses & Benefits

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Boroline Cream Review - Uses & Benefits

Boroline Night Repair Cream for Dry Skin

Boroline Antiseptic Cream is quite popular in India because of its amazing uses and benefits for lips. Everyone knows Boroline cures dry chapped lips almost instantly. Dry lips healing is one of the most known benefits of this antiseptic cream. But other than lips, this wonder night cream has multiple uses for skin, face, hands, sunburns, acne, acne scars, fungal infection and for much more. I have been using this cream in its original tube form since years but this time I bought it in a jar form.

Boroline Cream
Boroline Cream Uses

    Soften dry chapped lips
    Smoothen rough hands
    Smoothen rough elbows and abraded skin
    Heal cracked heels
    Soften rough feet
    Heal cracked nipples
    Protect baby against nappy rashes
    Rapidly heal operation stitch marks
    Heal sunburns and scars
    Soften chronically dry, chapped, itchy skin

Boroline Cream Uses & Benefits

How to Use Boroline?
Clean the skin well and then apply, gently massaging the cream.
Warming up Boroline & using it in molten state increases its efficacy, specially in curing skin infections 
In case the cut is open and deep, it is advisable to apply the cream only when the cut has closed and begun to dry up. During early stages apply Suthol and keep the cut covered and dry.

PRICE - Rs 55/- for 40 g. (Available in many sizes).

Boroline Ultra Smooth Cream

The most recent development is Boroline Ultra Smooth. A specially developed production mechanism and fine additions to the product has resulted in luxuriously smooth texture combined with the famed efficacy of Boroline.

Boroline Antiseptic Cream Review


I simply love the new jar packaging of this cream since it's super convenient, so easy to use and on top super cute to look at. Some people might feel its little unhygienic since you need to dig your fingers in but for me it's much better than that tube one because it has very sharp pointed edges and cream was little difficult to push when almost about to finish. So I love this packaging but it's totally your choice which one you prefer.

Boroline Cream in Jar
Boroline in Jar

Boroline Cream Uses

Boroline Cream is a multi purpose cream and can be used from treating dry lips to healing your cracked heels. I personally use it for my chapped lips, dry cuticles, acne scars and on cracked heels in winters. It plays the most important role when it comes to healing dry chapped lips. I know this cures the chapped lips almost immediately. One of my friend was suffering from extremely chapped lips to the extent that his lips were almost bleeding and it was so painful for him to deal with them. I gave this Boroline lip cream to him suggesting him to apply a very generous layer of the cream on both lips with a very gentle rub and then leaving it like that for hours. I could see a remarkable difference in his lips. There was no pulling, tugging or bleeding of lips rather they healed so nicely that the softness could be felt on touching.

Boroline As A Night Cream

Normally it's best to use this cream at night and leave it overnight but in case of emergencies I don't mind using it during the day following at night again. This time I have also started using Boroline on my face at night. I don't use it regularly but on the days when I feel extreme dryness or any kind of itching or allergy. I do feel dryness around my nose and cheeks in these winters so use this cream few times in a week and wake up with a very soft skin in the morning. It not only nourishes the skin but also repairs it's from inside getting rid of any allergies along with reducing my old acne scars after few usage.
Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream

I feel Boroline is one of the best ayurvedic antiseptic cream available in India and that too at an extremely affordable price. The best part is its a multi purpose cream and can be used almost for anything. I always carry this in my bag and this comes as a rescue in many situations like softening dry hands, feet, elbow, soothing redness, itch and help in getting rid of any sort or fungal infection if any. I don't think of any con in this except the one that it could be little heavy for some, specially people with oily skin and its a perfumed cream so could be slightly irritating for some to apply on lips, but the fragrance is so gentle that it almost vanishes after few minutes. Everyone should try using this cream at least once since it's a multi purpose wonder cream easily available almost everywhere at a very reasonable price. I would be trying the Boroline Ultra Smooth Cream which is recently launched and would be back with its review.


Best antiseptic cream.
Cures chapped lips very effectively.
Heals cracked heels & elbows.
Great to be used a night cream.
Removes any of infection on skin.
Easy to use.
Travel friendly & affordable.
Easily available everywhere.

Might be little heavy for some due to thick sticky texture.
  1. can it reduce the redness of skin?

    1. Yes. It reduced the redness on my face. It's the only cream that worked for me

  2. Yes agree, after face wash, applying this cream works fine for me.

  3. I have used many costly lipbalms.nothing worked for me.but boroline cures within a week.i loved it

  4. Will it remove black spots on my lips?

  5. I love boroline. It's my magic potion...
    I always carry it with me. The best part is that is super cheap...


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