Clean and Clear Face Wash Review

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Clean and Clear Face Wash Review

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash for Acne and Pimples.

This CLEAN & CLEAR Face Wash from Johnson & Johnson, is my favorite facial cleanser when it comes to treating of acne and pimples. I am a very regular user of this. I keep trying and using face cleansers of so many different brands from all over but always return to this Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash whenever I face acne pimples problem in extreme or even in moderation at times, since I trust this so much when it comes to removal of acne and pimples. I remember I was a regular loyal user of this in my teenage when I had tons of acne and big painful pimples which got reduced overtime with the help of this facial foam and many other changes including changes in diet, living etc. Then I started using other cleansers from different brands when I didn't really faced this pimple problem so frequently. I even used it in other variants like Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash but did not liked it much like this one. Using it for years, I can truly say this from my experience, that it is one of the best face wash for ACNE PRONE SENSITIVE SKIN. Even now I use it to treat my acne if any. In the last few days I had a really problematic skin full of acne, zits and few other problems like itching, redness because of rains and infection on wet skin by rubbing. This was when I bought this Johnson & Johnson Facial Foam and here is the review on it.

Clean & Clear Face Wash Review
Clean & Clear Face Wash

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Details:
Gentle enough to use everyday for clean and clear skin that glows.
CLEAN & CLEAR Foaming Facial Wash has rich foam that thoroughly cleanses to remove excess oil and dirt without over drying. Special ingredients help prevent pimples. Leaves skin feeling clean and beautifully clear.
Specially designed to clean skin to help prevent common skin problems. Oil free, won't clog pores. Helps prvent oily shine & pimples.


Apply a small amount on wet palm and work into rich lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice daily for skin that's clean, clear and beautiful. Follow with the 100% oil-free CLEAN & CLEAR Skin Balancing Moisturizer for best results.

Triclosan, Lauryl Phosphate, Glycerin

Price - Rs 90/- for 100 plus 50 ml.

Clean and Clear Face Wash Review

This Clean and Clear face wash is quite popular among al,l specially teenagers and everyone is quite aware of the looks and packaging of this. It comes in a nice simple transparent bottle with a flip top and is available in many different sizes and this is what I like the most about this cleanser. The biggest one is available with a pump dispenser adding to the usage convenience a little more. The pump one was not available at that medical shop, so I bought this one and got 50% extra. The face wash is of the perfect consistency neither thick nor thin, very light on use does not give greasy sticky feeling at all and is light brown in color. 

Clean & Clear Oil Free Facial Foam
Clean & Clear Face Wash Review

Home Remedies to get rid of Acne & Pimples Quickly.

Just a small drop of this cleanser is required since it really foams very well with a drop of it and cleansing ability of this is above average. I just take smallest drop of this and rub it on my wet skin all over and it foams above average in a second. I rub it for about a minute and then rinse with cold water and result is extra clean skin without any residues of oil or dirt. I feel great reduction in my acne and pimples in just about 2-3 days on using it regularly twice a day. The best part is that it does not even dry or cause any other reactions on my sensitive acne prone skin. This is the reason I come back to this facewash again and again that along with treating acne, it also takes care of the skin condition without making it dry causing adverse harful reactions. What adds to the beauty is follow up with the Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer after this cleanser. Thats it, all beauty regime done for acne prone sensitive skin with just these two products.

Overall I feel this face wash is truly one of the best facial cleansers for acne prone sensitive skin since it actually reduces acne on using regularly without causing any adverse skin conditions. Howver overusing this on dry skin might make the skin more drier, so using oil free moisturizer after this is a total must. I have used other variants of this like Morning Energy Lemon, Berry, Apple but didn't really like them too much and always come back to this original one.

Clean and Clear Face Wash Pros
Reduces acne to a great extent.
Fast result seen on regular usage.
Does not irritate even the sensitive skin.
Controls formation of new pimples.
Removes all dirt and oil giving extra clean skin.
Just a drop required.
Very cheap.
Easily available offline and online.
Best face wash for acne prone skin.

Clean and Clear Face Wash Cons
Might be little drying for dry skin.
  1. Hello thanks for your review I feel hesitated to use this product so I do my research if its really works.. I really have a big problem with this acne that I have that keeps popping up in my face and it is really really painful :( hopefully this will resolve my problem. Thanks for you great reviews it helps alot!

  2. To get better glowing face, choosing best face wash is the good idea. Thanks for your excellent review.

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  4. I am using clean and clear face wash but my cheek and nose is having open pores and whiteheads which is causing small white pimples coming daily. Will u plz tell me is this clean and clear face wash control open pores or is there any remedy. Shall I use any fairness cream with this face wash


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