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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to get rid of Pimples & Acne Quickly - Home Tips

PIMPLES and ACNE are a very common problem. Boys, Girls, Men, Women all face this problem but its something very serious with the teenagers. Yes Teenagers are most affected by this problem. Normally when a person suffer from pimple and acne he also have to face other problems like of whiteheads, blackheads, zits and even itching ad pain at times if the acne condition is very serious.

People have been using different methods, cures, home remedies to fight with their acne and pimples over the years and it continues till now since this is something natural and affects one’s body according to his body type, glands, eating habits, hormones, skin type, etc. I have seen many people who don’t any pimple and they enjoy beautiful flawless skin throughout their life. But that’s not the case with everyone. Some person’s skin is more to pimples and breakouts specially people with oily skin. 

Yes oily skin people have to deal with these at some point of time. Sebaceous Glands also known as oil glands become over active resulting into acne. Its natural according to one’s skin type and other factors but does this mean this problem cannot be solved and pimples and acne cannot be cured. Every problem has a solution and today we are going to give you a very natural, economical yet very effective solution to get rid of pimples and acne quickly.

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Before Cure, lets take a look what causes of acne and pimples

Oily skin
Eating Oily food – This is not 100 % true some people eat lot of oily food without the problem of breakout
Hormonal Imbalance

These are few causes in general which are said to cause acne but its not necessary for a person to suffer from all these problems. Any of these could become a problem for any person and not for other. This depends on person to person. You are best person to analyse and judge for yourself which thing or habit affects you badly and becomes a problem for you.

Now finally I am going to share a very nice  HOME TIP with you which not only gets you rid of pimples but that too very quickly.


(This tip is not for people with sensitive skin and whose skin reacts negatively on using Lemon)

Take a Lemon cut into half, take all the seeds out and gently rub those lemon pieces on the area affected by pimples. You can even use Lemon peels after using its juice if lemon is too juicy so that its liquid does not fall much.  Little juice in Lemon is recommended. Keep rubbing lemon peels on your skin in a way like you are massaging the area, but just be careful of not being harsh.

 Continue this for 3-4 minutes and leave the lemon juice on skin for about 15-20 minutes. Remember to cover the area with lemon juice nicely while rubbing so that when you leave your skin, you have sufficient lemon juice on it.  Wash your face nicely with cold water and pat dry. Now the very important step –Since Lemon is very acidic , your face might become red after this but this is very natural. Don’t panic.  Apply ice or some good toner to your face to reduce the redness. Next make sure to apply moisturizer to relax your skin.

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Do this everyday or once in 2 days if you have more pimples and acne and once a week if moderate acne. Within few days you will see huge reduction not only in pimples and acne but also in acne scars if any with a nice enhanced complexion. This is one of the fastest and quickest way to get rid of pimples.

Note – This home tip to get rid of pimples and acne is strictly not recommended for people with sensitive skin since Lemon does not suit sensitive skin and cause itching and other problems. This tip was suggested to me by my friend from her personnel experience while I was suffering with acne in my teenage. I being the person with sensitive skin, tried it but got others problems like itching, zits and redness, so I stopped immediately. But I recommended this tip to my sister who has normal pimply acne prone skin and this home remedy of getting rid from pimples have done wonders to her skin. People whose skin is sensitive to lemon should also avoid this.

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