Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Fine Lines Whitening Cream for Age 30+. 

I have already done a post on the launch of Loreal Skin Perfect Range and Loreal 20+ Skin Perfect Cream. Now its time for the next cream in this range, 30+ Anti Fine Lines Whitening Cream. This is a skin whitening cream for women in their thirties with the start of fine lines, wrinkles and this cream come as a rescue to deal with this problem. Since this cream is specially to fight with fine lines, the best time to try this could be winters and this was tested on dry combination skin this winter. Read on the review below to find experience and effect of this cream on dry combination skin.
Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream Review
Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Cream

Loreal Paris Anti Fine Lines 30+ Skin Perfect Cream Details:

Fights 1st signs of aging. 
Glow & Fairness.

From the age of 30, accumulation of fatigue and busy days may lead to dullness of skin and first signs of aging such as fine lines.
The Loreal Expertise:  Selected powerful actives and specifically designed this cream to act on skin texture and tone of Indian Women from 30 years old.

Anti Fine Lines Action : Enriched with Pro-Collagen, an anti aging active, this formula smoothens skin and visibly reduces fine lines.
Advanced Whitening : Vitamin 3X complex combines 3 vitamins, Vitmain B3 & C known to act on melanin responsible for dullness and dark spots and Vitamin E known for its anti oxidant properties.
SPF 21 PA+++ : For daily UV Protection. Protects from Sunrays which cause aging skin darkening.

Loreal Paris 30+ Cream Details
Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Details

Skin is fairer and smooth.
Long lasting hydration.
Fine lines are visibly reduced.
Skin tone is even.
Skin quality is improved.
Dark spots are faded.
Dermatologically tested and Non Comedogenic.

PRICE - Rs 425/- for 50 g.
(starting at Rs 99/- onwards)

Loreal Skin Perfect 30+ Ingredients
Ingredients List

Loreal 30+ Skin Perfect Cream Review

This cream comes in a beautiful transparent glass jar similar to other creams in this range. The smaller size of this is available in tube form, which is quite travel friendly, so you can choose the one desired. The cream is very smooth in texture and have a creamish tint unlike other whitening and skin creams which are pure white in color. 

Loreal Skin Perfect Cream 30+ Review
Loreal Skin Perfect Review

 The cream might look heavy in the jar but on application its not heavy rather a bit dry on dry skin. On application, the cream spreads nicely and brightens up face instantly. However a little more amount of the cream leaves a white cast. Though it contains collagen, but this cream requires little effort to rub on dry skin patches. To avoid this dryness, this cream was used it combination to a nice thick moisturizer on dry skin. Since this was applied on dry skin in winter a proper moisturizing lotion was a total must. Using this Loreal 30+ Cream alone left skin very dry in winters, so this clears it does not work too good on dry skin beauties. Same could be for sensitive skin since sensitive skin with dryness reacts easily getting red. But yes people with oily skin looking for a matt finish would definitely love this oil free whitening skin cream.

Now coming to its effect in fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Well the above points have made it quite clear that this 30+ cream is definitely not for super dry skin. People with oily acne prone skin can use to alone or with any oily free moisturizer, normal, dry and combination skin types could use this along with their thick moisturizer or even with some oil if skin is really dry to get proper results as desired. Since I gifted this cream to my friend in her thirties, she told me about the dryness she felt on using this. I suggested to use this along with some coconut oil or almond oil, which ever suits her skin. This way the skin gave quite satisfactory results. There was nice glow, shine on face immediately along with added brightness and regular usage of this cream with oil along with improved skin texture with quite bit of reduction in lines.

So I hope by now you would be able to make out if this Loreal Paris Skin Perfect 30+ Cream is for you or not. I would conclude by saying oily skin beauties should definitely try this. Dry, Combination types can use this with added layer of moisture and for people with super dry sensitive skin, this is a sure no. Do try and let me know what you think about this.

Instantly brightens up face.
Makes skin glow immediately on application.
Good for oily and combination skin.
Long lasting, tiny drop required for single application.
Dermatologically tested, Non Greasy & Comedogenic.
Comes with SPF.
Available in different sizes.

Drying on super dry skin.
No whitening effect as claimed.

  1. Totally agree with you babe...These work well but not the right thing for drying skin! Beautifuly reviewed :)


  2. real review. Didnt work for my dry skin..I wish I would have read it earlier , before buying the cream. Thanks for review.

  3. I wish I have read this review before buying. It made my skin very dry inspite of applying moisturizer.


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