Blue Lady Body Spray Review

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blue Lady Body Spray Review

This Blue Lady Body Spray comes in a mist body splash form. I love using body mist for daily use since they are light, chemical free and somewhat safe to be used on skin instead of deodorants and strong perfumes. I normally avoid perfumes and sticks to these body spray in a mist form. This Blue Lady Body Splash was lying in my cupboard for long, so I thought of reviewing it before the coming summers, since these refreshing mists are our great friends throughout the entire summer.

Blue Lady Body Spray

Blue Lady Body Splash Details:
Rasasi Blue Lady opens with a very fresh and floral bouquet of citrus notes and fruity touches. The green note give more freshness and diffusion. The endearing fragrance finishes with a soft musky, powdery effect and a lasting woody note.

PRICE - Rs 150/- for 100 ml.

Blue Lady Body Spray Review
This body spray comes in a transparent spray bottle with blue colored liquid inside, which makes the bottle look blue. The packaging is very simple rather little dull but the blue colored splash inside somehow manages to make bottle look vibrant.

The fragrance of this body spray is extremely strong. I normally spray it once or twice and its sufficient enough to delight your senses. A little more can be over because of being too strong. The fragrance is quite good if used in moderation and feels like a cool refreshing soap or Cologne, but one cannot overdo it for sure its so strong.

Blue Lady Body Spray Review

Normally the lasting power of body mists is not too good, this being little strong lasts for a little longer time, easily for 3-4 hours without fail. This is very rare when it comes to body splash. These were the goods about this body spray, now let's look at the bad points. The worst part of this mist is that it leaves a bright blue mark on your clothes if used mistakenly on apparel or any other stuff. While in office I sprayed this on my white shirt once accidentally, which created a big blue mark on the white which looked horrible. The other thing that it's too strong so might not be liked by people with even slightly sensitive nose specially if sprayed a little more.

Overall I think it's an average body splash with average fragrance & good lasting power, but one main concern while using this is to be very careful since it leaves stain on clothes. I think mist are a a great option for daily use since even the strongest splash is lighter than perfume so quite safe on skin for daily use along with being refreshing for the entire body.

Nice cool refreshing fragrance.
Long lasting fragrance.
Very little required to delight your senses.


Little strong
Leaves blue stain on apparels.
Might not be liked by people with sensitive nose.
Not so easily available.
  1. I have not really heard of it..looks like an ok product only..Does the fragrance stay for long or it evaporates early..

  2. I have never used a body spray...This one seems to be okayish...lovely review Babe :)

  3. Is this alhocol free or not?? Please do tell me.


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