Nivea Energy Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray Review

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Nivea Energy Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray Review

Nivea Anti Antiperspirant Lemongrass 48 hr Deodorant Review

Nivea Energy Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant is my fourth deodorant from this brand. Its body deodorant, roll on and stick comes in many variants. I am a person with sensitive skin and have to deal with lot of sweating in summers, so I have been looking for an ANTIPERSPIRANT DEODORANT which along with being gentle could also keep the odor away for long and this was when I decided to try this deo. Though I have used many other deo's and roll on's from DOVE, REXONA, FA and have quite liked them but Nivea has been my favorite of all because of its so pleasant refreshing fragrance in most of its products. Lasting power of some is good and some is average.  I like Nivea Whitening Fairer Underarms Deodorant very much since it keeps odor at bay totally for long. Other than that I have used Nivea Happy Time Roll On, which I found quite average. I bought it whitening deodorant because of its fairer underarms claim, since I suffer from dark underarms, however I was very much impressed by it amazing fragrance and have been buying it on almost regularly since then. The whitening roll on have been launched in many other variants like fruity touch, smooth skin, floral touch but haven't tried any of these. This time I bought this energy fresh antiperspirant in Lemongrass variant and its almost finished now, so I am here with its detailed review below.

Nivea Antiperspirant Deodorant Review
Nivea Deodorant Review

Nivea Deodorant Variants 
Nivea Deo comes in many variants for both Men & Women. Take a look below at some of the deodorats from Nivea.

Nivea Deodorants for Men 

Fresh Active Original Spray
For Men who want that original fresh feeling with a masculine scent. Fresh Active Original Deodorant contains Ocean Extracts to keep you feeling fresh all day long.
Available in both roll on and spray. 

Fresh Active Rush Spray
For Men who want that rush of invigorating masculine freshness. Fresh Active Rush Deodorant has a refreshing woody scent to keep you feeling fresh all day long and give you that rush of confidence.
The optimal combination of reliable deodorant protection and NIVEA’s care.
Skin Compatibility dermatologically approved

Silver Protect Stay for Men 
Contains silver molecules that eliminate bacteria and fight body odour. Silver Protect specifically developed for men contains silver ions that create an anti-bacterial effect and provide 48 hour protection against sweat and body odour.

Fresh Power Boost for Men:
For Men who want a long lasting, citrusy masculine scent. Fresh Power Boost is refreshingly original with its Citrus and Woody notes that help boost your spirits with instant freshness. Citrus scents are known to keep you feeling cool and refreshed all day. You can carry it in your office bag, gym bag or while travelling and it will definitely make you feel fresh and energetic.

Nivea Cool Kick Roll On
For Men who want a cool kick of freshness with a masculine scent. The Cool Kick range gives an instant pleasant cooling kick and leaves you with a vitalized fresh feeling all day. The cooling formula with Mint extracts and energizing Iso-Magnesium is especially designed for active men. It combines intense long-lasting freshness and protects your skin with a fresh scent that invigorates your senses.

Nivea Deodorant for Women

Pearl and beauty Deodorant 
Pearl & Beauty deodorant, with precious Pearl Extracts, regenerates your skin cells and gives you fresh & beautifully smooth underarms. Its mild, alcohol-free & colourant-free formula gently cares for your skin and gives you the confidence to raise your arms.
Available in Spray & Roll-on.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Nivea Whitening Deodorant
Go Sleeveless with fairer, whiter underarms and a feminine, floral fragrance that lasts all day long!
NIVEA Whitening Roll-On lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms.
Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Witch Hazel, reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.
So from now on, there’ll be nothing holding you back from wearing your favourite sleeveless dress anymore!

Available in following variants:.

Floral Touch 
Fairness for your Underarms. Whitening Deodorant repairs your skin to give you fairer underarms. Lightens your skin to reveal visibly fairer and smoother underarms. Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Witch Hazel, reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.

Fruity touch
Its natural ingredients, Licorice extracts and Vitamin C, reduce melanin production and soothe skin irritations to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.

Smooth Skin.
It contains Licorice extracts that reduce melanin production and Avocado Oil that smoothens your skin and repairs damage, to reveal fairer, whiter underarms.

Whitening Sensitive Deodorant
Soft refreshing fragrance that soothes your senses, providing you long-lasting protection
NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deodorant is specifically designed to care for your underarms. It contains licorice extracts that reduce the production of melanin and repair your skin to give you even-toned underarms. Plus, its ultra-light formula contains 0% alcohol, which doesn’t irritate your skin.
Happy Time Roll On
Feel fresh all day long with the invigorating scent of Orange Blossom! Happy Time Roll-on, with its mild fragrance of Orange blossom, is enriched with Bamboo extract and provides revitalizing freshness all day long. Its effective formula promises 48hr anti-perspirant protection with gentle NIVEA care.

Fresh Natural Mist Deodorant
With hints of Rose & Jasmine for fresh-feeling skin
Fresh Natural Mist
Fresh Natural Mist deodorant spray contains a hint of Rose & Jasmine for truly fresh-feeling skin all day long.
Enjoy reliable & mild protection.

What Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant Spray Claims
NIVEA Energy Fresh Deodorant contains Lemongrass to give you that fresh feeling, all day long! Its energizing formula contains Avocado extracts & is alcohol-free to provide you with that mild, NIVEA care you deserve. 48 hr effective antiperspirant deodorant. Cares mildly.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


Nivea Antiperspirant Deodorant Review
Nivea Deodorant Review

How to Spray Deodorant?
Shake well before use
Spray from a distance of 15cms
Spray directly on skin and use only on underarms
Do not spray on clothes.
Allow product to dry completely.

PRICE - Rs 175/- for 150 ml.

Nivea Energy Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant Review

This antiperspirant deodorant from Nivea comes in a thin, small cute blue colored spray bottle with the picture of Lemongrass on it. This antiperspirant bottle is quite small and easy to get hold of unlike broad fat bottles. One spray releases sufficient amount but I normally spray it once on each underarms, sometimes twice also since I don't find the fragrance to be too strong and easily bearable up till 4-5 sprays.

I normally use this in the morning and as soon as I spray this antiperspirant deodorant, I feel it so refreshing and soothing that I feel like spraying it again. Its truly one of the most pleasant fragrance spray's from Nivea. I just spray it and leave it to dry since it leaves white mark if not dried properly. This is the reason, this deo cannot be used on clothes. I have tried it on my clothes once and it actually left marks on it. Firstly I didn't know about this mark issue in this, so I just used it on my clothes like I use many other deodorants and perfumes on clothes as well specially when I am in a hurry. I used this too on my apparel and then after getting mark I got to know this anti perspirant deo is only for skin and its clearly mention on the bottle not to spray on clothes. Though it was my mistake but I feel this is one of the biggest cons in this deodorant since we do use deo's on clothes at times and secondly we have to wait for it to dry every time, to avoid the problem of white patch.

This Antiperspirant Lemongrass  Deodorant claims to last for a long period of 48 hours. But we all know this is something much more. Even if it lasts for just one full day, we would be more than satisfied since no deodorant last that long. However this energetic freshness antiperspirant deodorant easily last for 7-8 hours giving a light gentle fragrance towards the end of the day. So I feel it performs its role quite well in lasting fragrance for quite sufficient time. I have used many deodorants and rolls on's from Nivea and have quite liked them, so I do suggest you to look for any of the fragrance from Nivea since it comes in lot of variants.


Very refreshing and soothing citrus fragrance.
Fragrance neither too mild or strong.
Relaxes mind immediately on spray.
Fragrance last for 6-8 hour easily.
Keeps odor at bay for long.
Alcohol free deodorant
Travel friendly and affordable.
Easily available.


Cannot be used on clothes.
Leaves mark if used on clothes.
Leaves white patches on skin if not dried properly.

  1. I am not really a deodorant person but this looks great for anyone who loves deodrants...Lovely Review dear! :)

  2. i will skip it as I have the white patches formed :(

  3. I am using it and I loved it <3 ... Nice review Dear ! Please check out my blog also


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