Curve Perfume for Women by Liz Claiborne Review

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Curve Perfume for Women by Liz Claiborne Review

Curve Perfume for Women by Liz Claiborne is specially for women. Its sweet gentle with little citrus tangy touch. I have been using this perfume over quite a period of time almost a month and I am totally in love with this Curve perfume for women.

Price - 3299/- for 125 ml.

Curve Perfume for Women by Liz Claiborne scent possesses a blend of citrus, water lily, and sandalwood.

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This Curve Perfume for Women comes in a nice sturdy box in blue cover. The perfume has no chance of falling or breaking in travelling because of its nice packaging. The perfume bottle is transparent like other perfume bottles and looks very cute with the name Curve written on it in a stylish bold white silver colours.

Normally I use deodorants for daily use but now I have switched to perfumes for daily use, specially those perfumes which are not heavy just light for daily use and this Curve perfume is one of them. I just spray this Curve perfume in the morning and it boosts my energy because of its such refreshing fragrance. Its sweet sensuous fragrance yet gentle. I don't feel it strong in anyway unless you overdo the quantity. This perfume also lasts for quite long time and actually draws lot of compliments from people. I don't reapply this perfume atleast for 5-6 hours but then I redo sometimes if required.

Overall I find this Curve perfume to be very good. Its can be said that its one of the best perfumes for women. I would not say that this my favourite, because my favourite perfume is Givenchy, which I totally love specially for parties and functions because it actually draws lots and lots of compliment by standing out unique in the whole lot. But then its little on the expensive side, so I would prefer Curve perfume for daily use and Givenchy for parties and functions. Again its depends on person to person, their choice which perfume they like more and which to use on which occassion.

This perfume is also available at many Indian online shopping sites, one of them being

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  1. Nicely reviewed! I like the packaging! :)

  2. the perfume is very nice bt way too expensive ..
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