Eurolux Body Mist Review

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eurolux Body Mist Review

Eurolux Fragrance Body Mist Feeling Sexy Splash Review

I have done so many reviews on body mist and splashes this year specially in summers including one on Eurolux Body Mist also. Before starting of winters, I want to do one last fragrance body splash review from same brand Eurolux. Its Eurolux Feeling Sexy body mist review after using it for two weeks continuously.

Eurolux Body Mist Review
Eurolux Body Mist Review
Eurolux Body Mist Details:

Eurolux is a combo of women bath and body mist, which is primarily used to keep the skin hydrated and moist. With the pumping out of aerosol spray, it ejects a diffused mist of scented water which helps in keeping your skin supple and moist.
Eurolux Body Mist is available in many variants like Summer Escape, Pink Coral, Tropical Paradise, Feeling Pretty, Feeling Beautiful, Feeling Flirty, Feeling Gorgeous.

Usage - Spray over the entire body after shower. Leaves skin softly fragranced and lightly hydrated.

Price - Rs 250/- for 250 ml.

Eurolux Body Mist Review

This Eurolux Body Mist in feeling sexy variant comes in red colored bottle, which looks quite good to look at but is slightly less bright than the Miami Beach one, because of its light red color, which looks dull in front of the radiant blue of Miami Beach. Otherwise both the bottles are exactly same size and thickness with the same design. The bottle is slightly big to carry while traveling unlike my favorite Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Mist which is quite light to carry but inspite of being big, this Eurolux splash bottle is very safe to carry since the nozzle is very tight and not prone to leakage.

Eurolux Feeling Sexy Body Mist Review
Eurolux Body Mist Review

Now coming to the fragrance part of this body splash. This Eurolux body mist is very cool and refreshing with the sexy feel as the name claims. The fragrance is citrus which gives the refreshing feel. It appears to be slightly strong initially when you spray it but then feels to be soothing slowly. However one need not to overdo the quantity otherwise it might feel strong and irritating specially to those with sensitive nose. I normally spray this 2-3 times spreading all over. Then I again spray it after few hours since this is not long lasting and because of this, I need to carry this big bottle of body mist with me in my purse which becomes quite heavy with it.

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Overall I like this Eurolux body splash with few cons like big bottle, not travel friendly and a little strong if used more specially on people with sensitive nose and sensitive skin. I would buy Eurolux body mist again but this time in some other variants be it Summer Escape, Pink Coral, Tropical Paradise, Feeling Pretty, Feeling Beautiful, Feeling Flirty, Feeling Gorgeous etc.

Eurolux Body Mist Pros
Refreshing cooling fragrance
Can be used in skin for a soothing effect.
Comes with tight nozzle.
Eurolux fragrance available in many variants to choose from.
Easily available online.

Eurolux Body Mist Cons
Fragrance little strong.
Bottle is too big and heavy to carry in purse.
Not sure if available offline.
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