Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer Review - For Acne Skin

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer Review - For Acne Skin

Best Oil Free Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin.

I ordered this Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer along with the Clean & Clear Morning Energy Face Wash. I love using Clean & Clear Products since I have acne prone skin which tends to breakout very easily, so I always have to choose products with little caution. Read to below for the review

Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer Review

Price -  Rs 80/-for 100 ml

What Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer Claims?

Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer is a 100% oil free formulation that balances skin moisture and soothes dry areas. It also helps prevent blemishes.

Clean & CLear Oil Free Moisturizer Review

Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer Review

This Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer is one moisturizer that I always buy again & again. Most of the other moisturizers don’t work with my skin since I have a very problematic skin, (acne, dry , sensitive ) thus 70% of the products irritate my skin & few others don’t do any benefit. But this moisturizer does not irritate my skin, helps reducing the redness & also amount of acne pop up also reduces after using this moisturizer since the name itself says that its oil free & meant for acne skin & yes it does the job of moisturizing also pretty well. It gives me matt finish without making my skin look dry or oily.

I normally do my 3 step skin care routine with the Clean & Clear Products Range. I start washing my face with Clean & Clear Face Wash, then apply Clean & Clear Scrub and finally this oil free moisturizer. My acne prone sensitive skin becomes happy and radiant after these steps.

Overall I would say a good moisturizer for people with acne prone sensitive skin, but wont work for extreme dry skin.


Comes from a reliable brand – Johnson & Johnson

Pretty  cheap

Suits even sensitive skin

Moisturizes well

Keeps acne in control to some extent


Not easily available in market these days. I had to order online after checking 5 to 6 stores.

Will not do any good to people with dry skin

RATING - 4/5