JIVA Almond Scrub Soap Review

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

JIVA Almond Scrub Soap Review

Almond Scrub Soap - Bringing Skin Back to Life.

This post is on a body soap from the ayurvedic brand JIVA. I came to know about this brand through one of the popular Television channel. Since few months back, I saw its different products online and that was when I bought its Jiva Shampoo and this almond scrub soap. I already reviewed the shampoo long before and this time its this scrub soap. I love using products and body cleansers with herbs like aloe vera, almond, turmeric, sandalwood, lemon etc.  I used Biotique Almond Body Cleanser long back and quite liked it. This time when I saw this exfoliating scrubbing soap with the goodness of Almond, I could not resist myself from buying it and finally after trying it for about a week, here is my review on this Jiva Almond Soap with exfolaiting effect, like its tag line-Bringing skin back to life meaning removing dead skin resulting into fresh radiant glowing skin.

Jiva Almond Scrub Soap Review
Jiva Almond Scrub Soap
Jiva Almond Scrub Soap Details:
Jiva Soaps are ayurvedic soaps specially made up of natural ingredients to cleanse the skin deeply and make it look radiant and beautiful. The soap comes in 2 variants: Neem and Almond Scrub that promotes a healthier and protected skin.
Jiva Almond-Scrub Soap:
Jiva Almond-Scrub Soap is made up of natural herbs that remove dirt, excessive oil and other impurities from the skin. It has Aloe vera, Sandal and Neem that removes blackheads, blemishes and keeps the skin infection- free. The Almond-Scrub Soap helps promote a glowing skin, removing dullness and paleness.

Azadirachta indica, Coccus nucifera, Aloe Vera, Prunus amygdalus, Calendula officinalis, Tritium sativum, Hordeum vulgare, Erv um lens, Santalum album, Citrus lemon.
Price – Rs 30/- for 100g.

Features, Uses & Benefits:
It has almonds, aloe vera, neem and sandal.
It removes all skin impurities and pigmentation.
It has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties.
It helps restore life to the dull skin and is safe to use.
It promotes glowing, radiant skin.

Jiva Almond Scrub Soap Review

Jiva Almond Soap comes in a slightly thick packaging like that of premium soaps. The packaging is in orange white color symbolizing Almonds in orange. This is what I think since there are orange brown almonds on top of the pack, so could probably relate to it. The soap actually is of light brown or somewhat similar to off white shade with some scrubbing beats look on it. One can see the light black colored granules in the soap for the removal of dead skin.

Exfoliating Scrub Soap
Jiva Almond Scrub Soap

The fragrance is purely ayurvedic with the blend of dried almonds, that’s what I could feel. On application, the soap lathers well enough with just minimum rub. The scrubbing action is very gentle and not harsh at all. I feel tiny rough particles on my skin which in no way feel harsh because of the wet skin. In fact I feel this is more gentle and no way like a scrub. I would have preferred it to be little more exfoliating since it’s a body cleanser and can be little tough. Also this soap is really creamy which actually reduces the harshness of the scrubbing granules if any. I just rub it for a minute for two, forms up the lather using my soft loofah and finally rinse it off. Finally the result is fresh glowing skin with no signs of dryness and stretchy feeling at all. This is so good, because exfoliating scrubs tend to leave skin dry in the end. I always use to use Biotique Papaya Scrub on my body for dead skin removal since its not so harsh and gentle enough for daily use. But now I have got a nice nourishing body cleanser for dead skin removal without any drying effect. Finally you get soft glowing skin with very light gentle fragrance which just vanishes off too quickly.

Soap for dead skin removal
Jiva Almond Scrub Soap

As said, I always look for body wash and shower gels which give some kind of exfoliating effect like I really like Palmolive Thermal Spa Shower Gel, because along with exfoliating dead skin, it also nourishes it because of the coconut oil in it and this time I thought it would almond instead of coconut, a soap instead of shower gel so why not try it and finally this combination worked great.
Overall this has been my experience with this Jiva Almond Scrub Soap which is specially meant to bring skin back to life with the removal of dead skin. I think using the soap alone would not help much in getting rid of dead skin since its too gentle but using with a soft scrub or something like loofah would probably do the work. Jiva body cleansers are also available in many different variants like, which I haven't tried yet but would soon try those and review them. Till then use this almond soap an share your feedback on it.

Jiva Soap Pros
First scrubbing soap.
Truly exfoliates dead skin bringing back skin to life.
Does not make skin dry or stretchy.
Presence of Almonds makes the soap gentle.
Quite cheap.
Available in different variants from Jiva.

Jiva Soap Cons
Too gentle for real exfoliation if used alone.
Not available easily.

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