Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner Kajal Review

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner Kajal Review

Eyeliner, kajal, these are few products we keep trying on until we find the best kajal and liner, which normally we don't and thus this experiment for different kajals keeps going on. I remember I developed craze for the kajals after I used my first Lakme Kajal and since then I have been trying many. Today this post is on an eyeliner kajal pencil from the brand Nivea. Yes you read it right, its from Nivea. I know Nivea Eyeliners are not easily available in India but I have it in shade 010 - which is a light brown shade. 
I have been buying lot of Nivea Products, specially its deodorants and roll on. I am a regular buyer of Nivea Whitening Deodorant, since its one of the best deodorant to prevent odor. This is the very first time I have bought this eyeliner from Nivea.

Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner Kajal Review
Nivea Soft Eyeliner Kajal

Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner Kajal Details.
Soft eyeliner pencil. Pudrig sanftler Kajal. Soft eyeliner Krayon.
Compatibility Opthamologically approved.
Shade 010 - Light Brown.
Price - Rs 210/- approximately.

 Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner Kajal Review
This Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner comes in a normal kajal pencil form like other kajals and looks cute in ihe silver color. The pencil is not a twist up form pencil but requires sharpening.

Nivea Beaute Soft Eyeliner Kajal Review
Nivea Soft Eyeliner Review
The kajal looks quite good in looks, now coming to its application and pigmentation. The kajal pencil is lightly pigmented and does not give a dark rich shade. I heard a lot about Nivea Beaute' Soft Eyeliner Kajal in Black -02 shade, which gives deep pigmented black color. But since I wanted to try this in brown shade, I bought this. Unfortunately this brown shade did not come out well in the pigmentation part and looks light even when applied with effort. Take a look below at the multiple swatches below. The first swatch with a single swipe without effort is almost invisible.

Nivea Kajal Review
Nivea Soft Eyeliner Swatches
The pigmentation part is very light but it definitely has little shine on it, which makes it look slightly glossy. The staying power of this liner is also less and it fades away very easily. But yes it does not smudge much, rather I would say it just fades away without smudging. This thing I actually like in kajal, because I prefer them to fade rather than smudge, making me look like a devil which further requires the use of an eye makeup remover before retouch and a whole mess.

Overall I am not really satisfied with this Nivea Beaute Soft Kajal Pencil, since it hardly gives any pigment and the staying power is also not good. But I have started using this pencil as an eye shadow and and lip pencil for which it works very well. It gives a nice brown eyeshadow color with little gloss on my eyes and goes very well with daily light makeup look.

Nivea Eyeliner Review
Nivea Soft Kajal Review


Comes in cute pencil form.
Inexpensive from nice brand Nivea.
Does not smudge much.
Can be used as a an eye shadow


Does not give deep dark pigmented look.
Fades quickly, within sometime.
Its not waterproof.
Requires sharpening.

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