Khadi Scrub Review Silver Moon with Sandal

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Khadi Scrub Review Silver Moon with Sandal

Khadi Herbal Scrub Review

Good Morning to all. This post is about a scrub from the herbal brand Khadi, which I used last night and felt nice difference in my skin tone this morning. I have used few products from this brand like Khadi Lemon Cleanser, Mauri anti dandruff shampoo and liked its Khadi Anti Dandruff Shampoo very much. Regarding the scrub, I have used it lot of times but felt really good after using it last night, so decide to review it. My acne prone sensitive skin was getting dull since few says. My nose and cheeks looked quite dry and there were few blackheads on the tip and sides of the nose. I don't know why I started getting blackheads suddenly. I don't have blackheads and acne generally but they come and bother me at times, since I have oily acne prone skin which turns dry at times because of weather or with the use of some extra drying products. Normally I prefer my own homemade sugar scrub for acne skin, because my skin is also sensitive along with acne prone.

Khadi Silver Moon Scrub with Sandal Review
Khadi Silver Moon Scrub Review
This was the reason  I was looking for a gentle scrub which suits my sensitive skin without making it dry. I have tried Clean and Clear Scrub for acne skin, but it made my skin little dry. Finally I got to know about this Khadi Scrub - Khadi Silver Moon With Sandal Scrub which was raved by many and appeared to be really gentle and soothing on comparison with other scrubs. I immediately bought this Khadi scrub since it was herbal and also had a different creamy texture unlike other scrubs which normally leave the skin dry. Read below to find the review of this Khadi scrub.

Khadi Silver Moon Scrub with Sandal Review
Khadi Silver Moon Scrub Review

Khadi Silver Moon Sandal Scrub Details.


It helps to remove scars, blemishes and dead epithelial cells. An ideal choice for pores cleansing.
Method of use
Rub the scrub on face, elbow & neck gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 min and clean with moist cotton. Don't rub on acne and pimples.

Price - Rs 165/- for 210 ml.

Khadi Silver Moon Sandal Scrub Review

This Khadi Scrub comes in nice hygienic bottle packaging unlike other scrubs which normally come in a tub form. I have seen few scrubs in tube packaging also, like Oriental Body Scrub and I like tube packaging the most since its most travel friendly and easy to use. This Khadi Silver Moon Scrub in white bottle is good enough and quite easy to use with a flip cap at top.

Khadi Scrub Review
Khadi Silver Moon Scrub Review

As I said before, this scrub is very different from other scrubs. It has quite liquid creamy texture with tiny exfoliating particles in it and has gentle non irritating fragrance which is neither good nor bad. Though its not too liquid but in case of a scrub, I would consider is liquid. But I love the scrub in this form, since its easy to apply and spread all over the face.

Khadi Silver Moon Scrub Review

On application, the scrub spreads easily, might slip if taken in large quantity. I just apply it all over giving special care to nose area and rub it gently for 2-3 minutes, with little effort on nose side to loose those stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. The scrub  does not feel harsh at all, its so gentle and creamy. I did not feel any dryness or stretchy skin, what I normally feel on using scrubs like Clean & Clear Scrub for acne skin.

While using the scrub I felt its so creamy that it might give me acne and pimples, but fortunately it gave a a squeaky clean skin without any form of skin problem, whether its acne, pimples, zits, itching or any rash which is quite normal with my acne prone sensitive skin, that is why I am very careful in choosing the product. Regarding the exfoliation part, it removes the dull dry skin, giving a fresh skin with a nice glow. In case of blackheads, it was able to get rid of many at nose tip and sides but still few were left at the sides. I do get blackheads which are very stubborn and difficult to remove with any scrub, not even this.

Herbal scrub for sensitive acne prone skin
Khadi Silver Moon Scrub Review

Overall I am very happy with this Khadi Silver Moon scrub. It does what it claims, gives squeaky clean clear skin without any dryness or irritation. also removes blackhead to quite an extent and suits my sensitive oily skin which turns dry at times. I would definitely recommend it to all since its a kind of a product which would suit almost everyone. Moreover its so cheap and affordable that a single bottle lasts for so long.

Khadi Silver Moon Scrub with Sandal Pros

Very gentle scrub
Exfoliates skin nicely giving clean skin.
Gives a nice glow to skin.
Suits all skin types, including sensitive skin type.
Very cheap.
Single bottle lasts for long.
Gentle non irritating fragrance.
Removes light blackheads easily.
Does not dry out skin.

Khadi Silver Moon Scrub with Sandal Cons

Availability might be an issue.
Mineral Oil - Though it has not harmed or irritated my skin in anyway.

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  3. Sounds good to try.. i hv never tried this brand before.. nice review dear :)

  4. I have used Khadi scrub before. Will try it too. Lovely review dear.. <3

  5. I am loving Khadi Herbals these days....This looks like a great scrub! Would love to try it...Lovely Review dear :)

  6. Khadi herbals scrub is good to use. I already use time before. This product is natural and good to use. Use this after happen you cleaned your face with antifungal soap or some wipes that prevents you from skin infection problems.


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