Engage Woman+ Body Spray Deodorant Review

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Engage Woman+ Body Spray Deodorant Review

Engage Body Spray Review in Tease Fragrance. 

I normally use my own homemade coconut oil deodorant or at times Nivea Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray. This Engage Woman Bodylicious Spray was quite a new name for me in deodorant and body spray until I saw different variants of these in a shopping mall. The packaging of the deos is quite simple but since the bottle is little large than regular body deodorants, this definitely catches your eye with different variants available in beautiful bright different colored bottles. There were about 6 variants of these being Tease, Blush, Spell, Trail, then Drizzle, Whiff, Temp in a some other range and few more but I choose the Tease one because of it citrus lemon fragrance. Check out the review and my experience on this Engage Deodorant Spray.

Engage Woman Bodylicious Deodorant
Engage Deodorant Review
Engage Deodorant Body Spray Details :
Engage offers pairs of captivating, fresh & irresistible fragrances for men and women & encourages a new language of love, setting the mood for romance. Let the chemistry between you and your partner sizzle 24h.
Tease – Nobody likes a tease. Or do they? Here’s your chance to tease him like never before. Tease by Engage, a Feminine interpretation of a classic fragrance. Are you ready to be called a Tease?

Engage Body Spray Review
Engage Body Spray Details

PRICE - Rs 130/- for 165 ml at discount.


Engage Woman Body Spray
Engage Body Spray Ingredients

VARIANTS AVAILABLE : Tease, Blush, Spell, Drizzle, Whiff, Temp and many more in other range.

Engage Woman Bodylicious Deodorant Review.

Packaging : This Engage Woman plus deodorant comes in a long yellow colored bottle in a spray for similar to other deos. The spray comes with a cap which is just does not fits on this spray bottle falling here & there. The spray is quite easy to use and releases sufficient volume on release. 

Engage Tease Deodorant Review
Engage Deodorant Review Tease
Fragrance & Effect:
The fragrance of this Tease Deodorant is very citrus similar to lemon fragrance.  The fragrance is very pleasant along with being light and gentle. I normally prefer lemon fragrance in deodorant since they are very refreshing and so is the case with this body spray in Tease. Immediately on spraying it gives such a nice cool effect to senses. Moreover it's so mild that  I don't think it would irritate even the sensitive nose.

Lasting Power.
The lasting power of this citrus body spray is one of the biggest drawbacks in this deodorant. I regularly use my Nivea whitening deodorant because of its long lasting protection from odor bu this body spray does not fulfill this need here. The fragrance being so mild and light that it hardly lasts for about an hour or two. In normal temperature it lasts for about 2 hours or a little more and in extreme summers I don't expect this to last beyond an hour. So this is the main cons of this Engage Deodorant.

Overall I think this Engage Woman Bodylicious Body Spray is an average deodorant with nice gentle fragrance available in different variants. I think people with sensitive nose or those irritated by strong odors would like this range but those who prefer long lasting Deodorants would be little disappointed by this, but one can definitely try these once since these are so affordable and available in so many variants.

Mild, gentle fragrance.
Soothing light fragrance.
Citrus lemon refreshing fragrance.
Easily available online at discounts.
Available in different variants.

Fragrances not at all long lasting.
Big bottle not so travel friendly.

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