Avon Oil Free Liquid Foundation Review

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Avon Oil Free Liquid Foundation Review

Avon Essential Liquid Foundation

Today I'm going to review an oil free liquid foundation for people with oily skin. This foundation is from the brand AVON and is quite popular if not much. I have used so many different foundations but my favorites have been Revlon Foundation & Lakme Liquid Foudation for daily use since these foundations are quite light and give light to medium coverage required for daily use. The only problem I have to deal with these light foundations is that they come in a glass bottle packaging which is not only difficult to use, or I should say one needs to be careful while using these due to the fear of breakage but also little inconvenient because most of these (except few pump based) require opening of caps which again turns messy. To avoid this problem, I keep trying most of the foundations that come in tube packaging. Last I tried Oriflame Peach Me Perfect Foundation which comes in similar packaging and now it's this Avon Foundation. Read out the review below to find my experience with this.
Avon Foundation Review
Avon Oil Free Foundation Review

Avon Liquid Foundation Details:
Avon Foundation Review
Avon Oil Free Liquid Foundation Review

PRICE - Rs 110/- for 25 ml.

Avon Oil Free Liquid Foundation Review

This Avon Foundation comes in a very travel friendly and easy to use packaging as mentioned before. The tube is light weight and comes with a round cap which becomes little messy after use, but I guess that's common with most of the them.
Avon Makeup Foundation
Avon Foundation

Texture & Application:
Although this foundation comes with the name liquid, I found it to be a bit thicker than normal regular ones. Along with being thick, it's too much dry for the dry skin since it oil free. My skin normally becomes very dry on application of makeup and I had a tough time applying this to my face since along with being thick, it's also drying. That's the reason I like oil free liquid foundation since they are easy to blend and never cause breakouts. I used this after applying my moisturizer and apply the moisturizer twice to combat the dryness. 

Avon Foundation Swatch
Avon Foundation Texture

The foundation looked a bit drying and cakey on my face initially but it started looking somewhat natural after sometime. The coverage was a little more than expected from regular liquid daily makeup products. So I think this is not a bad foundation but I faced all the problems because it was oil free and I tried this on my acne prone dry skin, which becomes more dry after makeup.

Overall I think it's an average foundation for people with oily skin but not good for dry skin since it's requires lot if effort to blend. If your skin is extremely oily and releases tons of oil then this oil free foundation will definitely find a special place in your bag these summers being oil free and travel friendly.

Light weight travel friendly.
Comes in easy to use tube packaging.
Oil free liquid foundation for oily skin.
Foundation is totally oil free as claimed.
Gives nice coverage for daily use.
Very cheap.

Oil free so definitely not for dry skin.
Requires effort to blend, so not for dry skin.
Only single standard shade available.
Available only with Avon agents.

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