Berina Hair Spray Review

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Berina Hair Spray Review

Berina Pro Vitamin B5 Hair Spray comes in a Gold colored big bottle which is quite easy to grab. I got my hair straightened using BERINA Hair Straightening Cream and since then, I have been trusting this brand somewhat. I do got little hair breakage while getting hair straightened but that could be because of my weak delicate hair. Overall straightening was quite good. Recently I saw this BERINA HAIR SPRAY with lasting hold along with pro vitain B5 for hair nourishment and protection. The bottle was so big and the price was so less, I immediately bought this since I do trust this brand a lot. The only problem is its products are not easily available, otherwise it has huge range of hair care products. Read the review below to find what I liked about this BERINA Hair Spray.

What Berina Hair Spray Claims?
Berina has come up with new hair spray which has pro-vitamin B5, which not only hold your hair long last but also nourish and protect your hair. This may be used under all kinds of Salon conditions, it feeds your hair by virtue of contained vitamins, it maintains its natural structure and it protects your hair against outdoor effects. It provides protection of form of your hair in the moist conditions by virtue of its feature in its formulation. It gives a brilliant appearance for your hair.

Berina Hair Spray Review
Berina Hair Spray Review

How to use:
Spray it to your hair in equal and little quantity from 30cm distance.
Price - Rs 99/- for 250ml.

Berina Hair Spray Review
This Berina Hair Spray with Vitamin B5 comes in a huge golden color bottle as mentioned above. The bottle comes with a spray at top, which is quite easy to use, neither tight nor loose. I just require to spray it 3-4 times on my medium length hair to set my hairstyle. I don't use the spray on regular basis but few times when I got my hair temporary straightened, made french bun and other puffs out of my hair giving them extra volume using back combing. These were the times when I had to attend parties, functions and I wanted my hairstyle to last long without being affected by air, dust, pollution and other outdoor stuff. I just use the spray normally on my hair after setting them perfectly and then just sprayed it from top covering most of the hair with more emphasis on the hair around the puff. Most of the time, this Berina Pro Vitamin Hair Spray did its job quite well.

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I remember I made french buns, puffs and then I was out for about 3-4 hours and my hair were all intact, no mess no slipping inspite of dancing moving freely etc. But yes there were few time when I got temporary hair straightening and the hair started loosing its effect just at the bottom after about 3-4 hours. They started appearing little wavy and not extra straight like before. However I did not mind this since this too was after few hours and that too from bottom. I still use this on several occasions but yes I would look for a better option if available. I did not feel any difference in my hair quality as nourishment and protection claimed by this. Still I am happy that it didn't even damaged m hair which is the reason I am always scared of using HAIR GELS & SPRAYS.

So this was all about this Berina Hair Spray. I like this spray for making my hairstyle long lasting that too without any harm r damage. It might give extra care and nourishment for others but I did not see any difference in my hair quality. Also I don't use it too frequently, its only once a month or maximum twice. I would definitely recommend this spray to anyone looking for a lasting hold without any damage to their hair. The best part is its from a good brand like Berina and that too at such a cheap price.

Nice hair spray for long lasting hold.
Makes hair fix with some shine.
Hairstyle remains intact for few hours easily.
Big bottle at such an affordable price.
One bottle will last for long.
Also available in other sizes.
Easy to use & travel friendly.
Does not harm hair.

Does not improve hair quality.
Looses straightening effect after few hours on thin hair like mine.

  1. I have never heard of this brand.. bt does nt sound that amazing!!

  2. Good product.I use holds my hair for a day, will not recommend for regular use


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