BERINA Extra Straight Hair Straightening Cream Review

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Friday, September 5, 2014

BERINA Extra Straight Hair Straightening Cream Review

This post is a review on hair straightening cream from BERINA. I love straight hair very much because they give you such modern stylish appeal with the hair type which is really easy to manage specially when they have been through permanent straightening. I use to have quite flat hair with very little wave naturally but were not actually totally straight and for this I asked my beautician, if she could help me out with some product which straightens hair along with less damage to hair and thats when she suggested me this Berina Extra Straight Hair Straightening Cream for straightening Iron and just then I got my hair straighten from this itself and have been totally enjoying its results even after 8 months period. Read out my review below on my experience with this Berina Hair Straightening Cream.

Berina Hair Straightening Cream Review
Berina Hair Straightening Cream

Berina Hair Straightening Cream Details.

Berina provides lot of products in hair straightening range as well as other range like Hair colors, heat protectors, hair spa, gel, mouse, spray, leave in conditioners etc. Let me come to what it says about its straightening cream.
Straightening hair especially extremely curly hair makes it easy to manage, it also looks appealing. It reduces frizz, tight curls or plain wavy hair while keeping the shine of the hair. Straightened hair also remains smooth and is easy to untangle. It contains straightening cream and adding to it contains neutralizing balm which gives you smooth shiny and silky hair. It can be used on tinted naturally curly hair and combined with a hair treatment.

Berina Hair Straighening Cream with Ironing Press Usage Directions

Berina Extra Hair Straightening Cream
Berina Hair Straightening Cream

Clean the hair by shampooing after that blow the hair until it’s almost dry. Divide the hair into four clusters. Apply the cream number 1 by applying the product a few centimeters away from the scalp.
Rinse it off with clean water and blow the hair until it is almost dry.
Spray the Berina Heat Protector on to the hair to protect the hair from the drying effect of the heat.
Straightening by using the iron press.
Apply Berina Extra Straight Hair Cream number 2 in every clusters of the hair.
Comb the hair to prevent root from going limp. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse off with clean water.

Berina Hair Straightening Cream Review

My preference for the hair type has been either totally straight hair or nice curly hair. I don’t like the medium wavy hair types. Since artificially curled hair are difficult to manage and literally requires a hell lot of work, so finally I choose to keep my hair straight and this Berina came as a solution for this. This straightening iron cream comes in big round jar, which is not at all hygienic to use but I had no issues with it, since I got all my work done at the saloon. Along with this cream they also used few other products which comes in this hair straightening kit. It took about 2-3 hours in total and after that I was told to avoid touching and combining hair for a period of 2 days so that the straightened hair gets firm. Using clutches, rubber bands and other hair accessories for about 2 days was a strict no.
This was little problematic as I had to go everywhere with open hair and also could not move my head freely.

But anyhow I kept patient and went on as advised and finally I was so happy to see my hair totally straight from then onwards. Whatever I did, it did not changed its shape. I did not play with it too much in first two weeks but then I started using clutches and all accessories but never made a puff or so which keeps hair rolled for long since this could take away its straightness. Along with this they also gave me Matrix Hair Straightening Serum and Shampoo to be used which would help in keeping  hair, smooth and free of tangles and it actually did all this.

Its been long time I have got my hair straightened using Berina cream and never ever faced any problem except few precautions, which I had to take initially otherwise all has been well till now and the effect lasts for several months easily as claimed.

Berina Hair Cream Pros
Keeps hair straightened for long as claimed.
Makes hair soft and silky.
Makes hair easy to manage.
Gives a truly stylish look.

Berina Hair Cream Cons
Little Expensive.
Makes hair little flat from if the hair are too fine.
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