QUCO Hair Perfume Spray Review

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

QUCO Hair Perfume Spray Review

The product QUCO HAIR PERFUME SPRAY which I am going to review now is different from the common products which we use daily. It’s a perfume but not just a body perfume which we normally use rather its an hair perfume which is not so common in India. Infact I would the very first commercial of a HAIR PERFUME SPRAY in India.

QUCO HAIR SPRAY comes in 4 different varieties. The one I am going to review is QUCO Midnight Purple Hairspray.

Rs 250/- for 150ml….but I got it for Rs 235/- from urbantouch.com

What it Claims?
Hair perfume spray for great smelling hair.

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Are you conscious of how your hair smells? There is a way that makes your hair fragranced instantly. Special Quco hair perfume is suitable for your hair, non-sticky and has good staying power.

My take Quco Hair Spray.
At first look the spray looks pretty descent, does not appear to be of some cheap brand at all. Rather it has small sparkling glitters on it which actually makes it look beautiful

Ok now the smell is good. I mean it’s pretty good. Though it is little strong but if you spray in not too much quantity it will work fine. I would suggest spraying 10 to 15cm from hair.

The lasting power of the fragrance is actually quite good. The fragrance will remain on your hair easily for 5 to 6 hrs. minimum & can go up to 10 to 12 hrs also. Like I applied spray on my hair at around 1pm & at night in 10 before sleeping I thought to smell my hair once though I was pretty confident that the smell would not be there anymore, but to my surprise the smell was still there.

 I was so happy with it because I desperately wanted a product that would make my hair smell good for longer time. For this particular reason I searched so many shampoos & LEAVE IN CONTIONERS which could give my hair long lasting fragrance but none of them worked for more than 1-2 hrs. But this spray does work to give you hair with long last fragrance & more over the spray claims to be alcohol free which is another good point.

Overall I like this Quco Hair Perfume Spray pretty much & will definitely purchase this in future but with some other variety may be MORNING BLUE as it was the only one without discount may be it has some special fragrance I guess.


Nice fragrance
Long  lasting fragrance – easily for 6 to 7 hrs-
Hair friendly & alcohol free as claimed.
Does not makes hair sticky.
Good in looks


Fragrance might appear to be strong to some

Has cyclomethicone ingredient in it….dont really know how safe it is to leave these cone ingredients based products on your.
I think it little expensive …but being so unique thing in india it almost fine