PARK AVENUE Beer Shampoo Review

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

PARK AVENUE Beer Shampoo Review

BEER SHAMPOO made from Real Beer.

Yes you read it right this post is on a BEER SHAMPOO which claims, to be made of real beer. Its Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. I got this shampoo from a mall while shopping other stuff. Its unique beer shaped packaging caught my attention and add to it, there was buy one get one free offer on it that time. I remember my elder cousins using my father's beer after Amway Glycerine Honey Shampoo as last rinse to give their hair a beautiful shine and volume. Thinking this and about the offer, I didn't waste a single minute and immediately grabbed this shampoo and after using it on and off for quite sometime, here is my review on it.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Review
Park Avenue Shampoo Review

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo Details:
This shampoo contains real beer which is famed to have excellent conditioning properties. Use Park Avenue Beer Shampoo regularly to leave your hair bouncy, shiny and full of volume. Frothy goodness for soft, silky hair naturally.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is unisex and can be used by men and women who desire that extra shine and lustre. It is so that your locks get nothing but the best in hair care. This is organic and is formulated with real beer so that your locks get nothing but the best in hair care. It will help you flaunt lustrous locks and give you shiny hair

Get smooth, lustrous tresses with Park Avenue Beer Shampoo. An effective and rejuvenating shampoo that softens your hair and stimulates growth it is formulated with beer as an active ingredient. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo cleanses the scalp and conditions your hair effectively.
Now possess and flaunt lustrous locks.

PRICE - Rs 320/- for 2 bottles of 200 ml each.


Firstly let me start with the unique and the most eye catching feature of this shampoo. This shampoo comes in a bottle with a flip cap, very similar to a beer bottle and also looks pretty much like a beer bottle because of the same color and texture from inside. The similarity does not end here. The smell of this shampoo id very similar to beer. Its not exactly like that but little gentle and mild than the actual beer. However, this could be different for everyone. People who love beer will love its smell and who don't might simply hate. So its totally dependent on the person, like it or hate it. Though the bottle look and feel is very much like that of real beer, but the packaging has a big con and that is the flip cap at top just not get be closed back when opened and thus very much prone to leakage and not travel friendly. One simply can't take the risk of carrying on move as this just not get tightly closed. The texture of this HAIR CLEANSER is slightly thick than normal shampoo and is light brown in color symbolizing beer.

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Though the shampoo is quite thick but it lathers less than normal. One requires a sufficient amount of this gel looking hair cleanser to foam nicely for a thoroughly clean hair. I had to use almost double amount the regular shampoo because I don't feel my hair to be properly cleaned until it lathers well. Thereafter I just rinse  my hair like usual and it the cleanser gets easily washed. After using this Park Avenue Beer Shampoo, using of conditioner is a must. Yes because it leaves hair quite dry and stretchy and difficult to manage. So to deal with dry hair, I use my my home made conditioner in the ends to manage those unmanageable fly aways. Since this shampoo do make hair a little bouncy from top and volumized, I avoid using conditioner there, since using any lotion on top, makes hair greasy and flat. But if anyone has really dry hair would feel problematic to manage it without the conditioner or a leave on hair serum.

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo
Park Avenue Shampoo Review

Now finally coming to the conclusion, what it shampoo does and what not. Till now you might have guessed that this beer shampoo not really work for me. It comes in a good looking but not at all travel friendly packaging. It does not lather well to clean out dirt, oil and residues if any. One needs quite sufficient amount of this. The smell is little weird but can be tolerated if it does any good to hair. The only good thing about this shampoo is that it really makes your hair look volumized and bouncy, but along with it it also makes hair dry and unmanageable. Regarding hair shine and hair fall, I didn't feel any difference, neither good nor bad. People who love beer should definitely try this shampoo at least once.

Beer Shampoo Pros:
Unique beer shaped packaging.
Got with an offer of buy one get one free.
Smells and looks similar to beer.
Gives hair volume and bounce like real beer.

Beer Shampoo Cons:
Makes hair dry and difficult to manage.
Cap does not close back, prone to leakage.
Packaging not at all travel friendly.
Difficult to find online and offline both.
Smell might not be liked by few.
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