STREAX Hair Serum Review

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

STREAX Hair Serum Review

Today I am going to review Streax Pro Hair Serum. I normally use conditioner on my hair, but these days my hair were very dry & frizzy, so was looking for a Leave in Conditioner, but couldn't find one & got this Streax Hair Serum as a substitute.

What it Claims?

A rich treatment of Vitamin E for Frizz-Free, satin-smooth hair.

Streax Pro Hair Serum is the ultimate frizz-resistant formula that instantly seals silky smoothness into hair cuticles. Enriched with Vitamin E, it smoothes rough and damaged strands to make them shiny and frizz-free.

  • De-tangles unruly hair
  • Provides extra shine and frizz-control to straightened, permed or colour-treated hair
  • Styles hair while blow-drying or using flat-irons.

Price – Rs 160/- for 100 ml. 


My hair are normally dry, but these days they are full of tangles so much that’s its nearly impossible to manage them. For this reason I searched for many leave in conditioner, but could not find them, even if I did, I could not get them easily because of non availability in India. Thus when I saw this Streax Pro Hair Serum, I thought this could work for me since its kind of leave in & claims to have frizz free, satin smooth hair.

It comes in a nice transparent plastic bottle, with a pump dispenser, which makes it easy to use & also helps in keeping a track of lotion remained.

This Streax Hair Serum is absolutely transparent & in little more on the thicker side, in consistency.

I start applying it to my hair ends, since they are the one most prone to dryness & full of tangles. Then I just spread the left amount all above making sure that I use the serum least on the scalp, since using it on scalp make my hair appear completely flat at top, which I just hate.

This serum definitely helps in getting tangle free hair, but it does not work too much on the shine part. At least in my case, with dry hair, I did not notice any shine on my hair, or if any, that too very negligible.

So I would say, this a a good hair serum, for people whose hair are dry & full of tangles. But this would not be suitable for oily hair, since it could make their hair more greasy.


Definitely helps in removing tangles.
Makes hair quite smooth to touch.
Good for managing dry hair.
Comes in a nice transparent bottle with pump.
Inexpensive, single bottle will go for long.


Does not provide noticeable shine.
Difficult to find.

Rating – 3/5

  1. Nice Review Dear...
    Compare to other seram price is affordable I think..

    1. Ya the quantity is lot more in this much price


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