FIRA Cosmetics Trio Lip Gloss Review

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

FIRA Cosmetics Trio Lip Gloss Review

The FIRA TRIO LIP GLOSS, which I am going to review now is from the brand Fira Cosmetics. This is an international brand with lot of makeup and beauty products available. This Gloss which I am going to review is called trio lip gloss, because it comprises of 3 different segments containing different lip gloss.

Fira Trio Lip Gloss


This Fira Trio Lip gloss comes in a cute unique mobile shaped packaging. It has 2 flips inside before you reach the gloss section, giving it a similar look to mobile.

Fira Trio Lip Gloss ReviewFira Cosmetics Review

The 3 sections contain different glosses, first one being light peach coloured gloss containing lot of glitters and sparkles.  Sorry I almost finished this, since I liked it so much that I use to apply it above most of my lipsticks to give a sparkling effect. This is similar to glittery gel which actually makes lipstick last long when used on it.

The next comes another favourite shade of mine, its natural looking gajari shade what we call in Hindi. It’s light and gives natural looking coverage to your lips.

The last and bottom one is absolute pink, i.e. true pink colour which foreigners love applying a lot because it suits their whitish complexion.


All 3 glosses, are pretty sticky in texture specially the first glittery one and that’s what it makes these long lasting and easy to apply. I just dab my finger into either of these gloss, I wish to apply and then coat whole lips with just that 1 dab, however sometimes a second dab is required if I need to give brighter effect.

Now coming to its fragrance, which I don’t like at all. It does not have really strong smell, but whatever it is, I don’t like it. But still I will keep using this Lip Gloss considering the other factors which I absolutely love in this Fira Trio Lip Gloss, one being that I’ts so travel friendly packaging. I mean you have all 3 different lipsticks and gloss in just one cute small box. You don’t need to carry separate lipsticks and then lip shine. Just open the flip and you have all in this 1 Trio mobile looking box.

I love this trio gloss a lot and would definitely buy in future if possible, because I don’t think its available in India, I got this as a gift from one of my cousins who stays abroad. Thank you so much for this.


Very travel friendly packaging.
All in 1 trio box.
No need of carrying lip shine or gloss separately.
Beautiful looking shades.
Really long lasting
Glitter gel makes lipstick last for long.


I don’t think its available in India
I don’t like its fragrance.

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