Best Home Made Peeling Pack for Glowing Skin Instantly

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Best Home Made Peeling Pack for Glowing Skin Instantly

This is a home made peeling pack made by using natural ingredients. If any ingredient does not suit your skin, make sure not to use it, to avoid any reaction.

Glowing Skin!

That’s what we all want and we look for different skin care products to get a beautiful glowing healthy looking skin. But most of the time we are not satisfied with the results. Not only this, some of the products tend to result in giving us different side effects like dry skin, itching, acne, rashes etc. Specially people with sensitive skin are just limited to few products which suits them and in turn have a very limited option. But that does not mean you cannot get  glowing skin without any side effects. One can get a very healthy glowing skin all by their own just by using some natural ingredients available at our homes. Lot of peel off masks are widely available in market for peeling but I am going to make a home made peeling pack which is completely safe and natural.

Ingredients Required for Glowing Skin Peeling Pack

Ø  Dried Orange Peel
Ø  Masoor Dal – Red Lentils
Ø  Kala Chana – Bengal Gram
Ø  Lemon
Ø  Curd or milk.

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To make this peeling pack, take equal quantities of dried Orange peel, Bengal gram, and grind them into fine powder.  You can even get the ready made powder of dried orange peel and Bengal gram in markets, but I prefer using fresh homemade powder to make fresh home made peeing pack.  Add double quantity of Red Lentils Masoor Dal to it and again grind it to mix it well.  Now this peeling powder is ready to use and you can store it for months .Keep this powder separately in a jar.

How to use this pack for Peeling?

Now you can do the peeling once a week, fortnight as per your requirement. To make the peeling pack, you just need to take about 2 tablespoons of this peeling powder and mix it 1 tsp. of lemon juice and add 1 tbsp. of curd or milk to it. People with oily and normal skin can use curd and people with dry skin can use milk. You can use Rose water or plain water but using curd gives a really nice glow. People with oily skin should remove the cream of curd before using it and dry skin can use this creamy curd.

Mix all ingredients really well to get an even peeling pack. Apply it your face and neck gently with fingers. Wait for 10 minutes and massage your skin gently with fingers taking care of not being harsh at all since this contains orange peel which is slightly rough in texture. Continue massaging for 2-3 minutes focussing on the areas like nose, nose sides, which are more prone to blackheads and white heads. Once you finish doing this, just leave your pack on to your face for next 10-15 minutes till it becomes completely dry. Then wash with Cold water slightly rubbing in between.  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry and you would be amazed to see your beautiful looking glowing skin like never before.

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This Peeling pack is all natural and has no side effects, can be used as per need, but I would not advice it to use daily. You can use it once or twice a week  and before going to any parties & functions for a beautiful glowing skin. Do try this homemade peeling pack, you will definitely like it.

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