Home Remedies for Soft Beautiful Lips.

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Home Remedies for Soft Beautiful Lips.

Having soft beautiful lips is every girl’s desire. It’s not that getting beautiful lips is very difficult and requires lot of time or money. One needs to be regular in caring for ones lips just by giving few minutes daily basis and sticking to that beauty regime.

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Here are few home remedies for soft beautiful lips.

Ø      The easiest and the best thing you can give to your lips is applying warm ghee everyday on your lips when you step into your kitchen. This will not only keep them nourished but also improve its color.

Ø      Applying Vaseline, castor oil or glycerin before sleeping helps a lot in keeping lips smooth and soft.

Ø      Its because of the deficiency of Vitamin A and Vitamin B, that results into chapped lips. Thus one should have proper intake of such things like milk, honey , butter to avoid deficiency of these vitamins.

Ø      One should try applying and rubbing fresh Rose leaves on lips if the lips too chapped.

Ø      Don’t ever peel the chapped layer of the lips with hand or teeth, rather apply honey mixed with rose water on it.

Ø      Try applying a mixture of milk cream, lemon and honey on lips at least twice a week to keep your lips attractive.

Ø      Last but not the least, always use good quality lipsticks and lip balms.     
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