Acne Treatment & Cure with BITTER GOURD - KARELA

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Acne Treatment & Cure with BITTER GOURD - KARELA

How to cure, treat acne and pimples with Bitter Gourd (Karela).

Yes you read it right, this post is about how one can cure pimples and acne naturally with the help of BITTER GOURD, i.e KARELA, what we call in Hindi. Bitter Gourd is also known as Bitter Melon sometimes, and is considered as one of the best food for Curing and treating acne, pimples and other skin problems and allergies like itching, rash, etc. because of its anti-fungal, anti biotic and anti inflammatory properties.

Cure Acne with Bitter Gourd - Karela

I have again and again focused on natural methods, home remedies & treatments for curing acne and treating Acne & Pimples, because I know what happens when people with acne prone skin use the cosmetic products loaded with chemicals. In spite of doing any good, these products worst the situation even more by aggravating the acne and other skin problems, instead of controlling them. That’s why I again & again advise all my readers to opt for natural and safe methods, when it comes to treating skin problems like acne, pimples specially if they sensitive skin, which reacts to cosmetic products easily.

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 Today this post is about yet another method of controlling, preventing and reducing acne and pimple problems with the help of Bitter Gourds or Bitter Melons.

Bitter Gourds taste very bitter as the name suggests, and because of this property, it plays very important role in cleaning our body and thus giving us healthy skin. People with acne prone skin with acne & pimples are normally advised to drink Bitter Gourd Juice on daily basis, that too empty stomach if possible. It is believed that if a person drinks Pure Bitter Gourd Juice daily for few days, he can get rid of almost all types of skin problems including acne & pimples, no matter how severe the condition is. More severe condition needs to be given more time to see proper results. This is one of the best home remedy for curing & treating acne naturally at home.

This is one method of getting rid of acne, but it’s very difficult for some people as Bitter Gourd tastes very bitter and cannot be gulped inside by everyone. Some people might vomit when trying to drink its juice because it’s so bitter.

 For these people, I have another remedy which will also help in getting rid of pimples. This is Through Bitter Gourd Leaves. Yes the peels of this. One can peel out the skin of the gourd and then squeeze the peel and collect the water like green liquid out of it in a bowl. Then dip a cotton pad in this bowl nicely and dab the cotton all over your face and where ever you have pimples. Make sure to apply properly. The purpose here is to apply pure Bitter Gourd – Karela Juice topically on acne & pimples and leaving it there for 20- 30 minutes to show its effect. One can wash face with cold water after that. This is also a good way to cure acne.

Bitter Gourd Benefits on Acne & Pimples

Though both the methods mentioned above are good in their way in treating Acne & Pimples, but I would suggest to go with the first method if you can bear the bitter taste of juice, because when the body is cleaned from inside, it always shows the result outside. It would be extremely good if one can follow both the methods of drinking Karela Juice and also applying its Juice on face topically since this will increase the speed of healing process.

Do try these methods. This will not only get you CLEAR BEAUTIFUL GLOWING SKIN in few days, but also make your body clean & fit from inside. Along with treating Skin Problems, Bitter Gourd is also said to help in treating big problems like DIABETES, CANCER since its considered one of the best source of Vitamins & Minerals like Calcium, Manganese, Potassium, Zinc  etc. Bitter Gourd is also said to be beneficial in digestion & weight loss.  So don’t wait and start consuming this wonder food to get all its health benefits..

  1. I have heard a lot about Bittergourd and its benefits but never tried it....Very informative post dear!

  2. I never knew this! Thanks for the info!

  3. While I'm aware that the gourd is one of the best remedy for diabetics, I'm glad to find out more; for pimples. I don't have issues with breakouts. Nonetheless, am forwarding this infor to my friends in a while.

  4. I am trying this method for my pimpls... thnk U so uch :) hope 4 the best :)

  5. its actually very good .. as i knw before itself my dad informed me... not only for pimple but also for wrinkle free skin ,skin infection,for glowing skin.cause i remember my past days when i use to b with my had tat habit of eating boiled karela n eat along with him.. at tat time my skin was v mch clear had not even one single pimple but when i moved for my higher eduation sowly i got lotts of skin problem and nw i have pimples on my face due to oily skin from past three days i stared consuming karela by boiling it.. and m waiting for the result to get my beautiful skin back :)

  6. It was helpful.Thanks for sharing.It looks great..
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