Best Hair Detangler-MATRIX Opti Care SPLIT END Serum Review

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Best Hair Detangler-MATRIX Opti Care SPLIT END Serum Review


This post is about a HAIR DETANLGER, a lotion which helps in detangling the tangled hair. This lotion is from the brand, Matrix and the product is called MATRIX Opti Care Split End Serum. I normally face problem of tangled hair very much, specially after shampoo, it’s a big pain for me to get smooth tangle free hair. But I did not purchase this serum for this specific problem, rather this was suggested to me by a Saloon Owner from where I got my hair straightened. She told me to use this Matrix Split End Hair Serum along with the Matrix Shampoo to avoid the damaged caused by straightening if any. Moreover I told her that split ends and tangles are a very common with my hair and have tried almost all hair sprays and serums but none of them worked, and probably after hearing this she suggested me this wonderful Split End Hair Serum for smooth straight hair and I have been totally loving this since then, rather this Matrix Hair Serum has become my favourite detangler spray, since this is simply the best in getting rid of those knots.

What Matrix Split End Hair Serum Claims?

Matrix Opti Care Smooth & Straight,

Opti Care Smooth & Straight is a professional haircare line formulated to control and smooth chemically straightened hair. Enriched with Shea Butter to help protect, condition and moisturize for healthy looking silky, shiny hair.

Regular use repairs frayed tips and helps prevent future split ends. Light, non greasy formula smoothes frizz and flyaways to leave hair silky smooth with high gloss reflective shine.

Price – Rs 365/- for 100 ml.


I have been using STREAX Hair Serum until I got this MATRIX Hair Serum. I was quite satisfied with the Streax Serum but have been totally loving this one. The Packaging of this Matrix hair serum is also impressive. It comes in a cute transparent bottle with a pump dispenser at the top, which makes this bottle very convenient and hygienic to use. Not only its very convenient because of the pump, it also shows the left lotion inside because of its transparency.

The consistency of this serum is slightly thick and sticky. But it’s not at all a problem. It’s extremely easy to apply. You just need to take 2-3 drops of this in your hand, and then spread it all over your hair except leaving the front part. I apply this lotion only in the ends where I have split ends and that part is more prone to tangle. 

You can use this lotion to detangle your hair knots, but just take care to avoid getting it on to the scalp.
After applying it on the knots, you just need to rub your fingers over it, so as to detangle the hair. It’s extremely easy to detangle hair once you apply this Matrix Hair Serum. Just move your fingers over the knots and they will get smoothly separated. It will hardly take 20 seconds.

The fragrance of this Serum is too good. It’s somewhat similar to a shampoo and is extremely divine and soothing. Though it smells very good in the beginning but does not remain on hair for long.
Overall I love almost everything about this Matrix Hair Serum. Its smooth, one of the best detangler I have ever used. Helps in getting smooth silky hair. The only concern with this is that if this serum is used in more quantity, it tends to make hair sticky. But this depends on you, if you use the right quantity, you will get the desired result.

I was the one who use to fear from tangles a lot, but this product has definitely come as a rescue for this. Anybody having this problem and anyone looking for a hair detangler spray or a serum, should definitely try this hair serum. I am sure you would be benefited by this.


Truly the best hair detangler,  quickly de tangles the tangled hair.
Comes in a nice convenient bottle with a pump.
Hair Serum has an amazing fragrance.
Fragrance lingers on hair for some while.
Very less Serum required at a time.
Single bottle last for long time.


Little expensive.
Little sticky if used more.
Not easily available.

Does not cure present split ends, but helps in preventing them. 

  1. Quite a nice product. I definitely need it for my fly away hair.

  2. nice and honest review.. i want to try the streax one soon :)


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