L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Expert Skincare Range for Every Age Review.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

L'oreal Paris Skin Perfect Expert Skincare Range for Every Age Review.

Loreal Skin Perfect Cream for 20+' 30+' &  40+. (Beautiful Skin at Any Age).

L'oreal Perfect Skin Care Range kit which I got for review recently includes 3 different skin care cream for different age- twenty plus, thirty plus and forty plus. The facial cream for twenties is to control oil giving you glowing fairer looking skin,  thirties to fight with fine lines along with skin whitening  and anti aging cream for forties to take care of your wrinkles giving you fairer looking plump toned skin. Let's take a look at the these three different skin care cream for different age groups from Loreal Perfection Skin Care Range.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfection Range Review
Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Range

L'oreal Perfect Skin Care For Every Age Kit Contents & Claims.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections + Whitening Cream - Age 20 +.
Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Fine Line + Whitening Cream - Age 30 +.
Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Aging Whitening Cream - Age 40 +.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfection Range
Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Range

The skin has different needs at every age. Loreal Paris has created SKIN PERFECT, a range specially formulated to address these specific skin needs.

Glowing Fairer Looking Skin.
Skin Quality Improved.
More Toned Skin.
Dermatologically Testes. Non Comedogenic Formula.

PRICE - 20 + Rs 325/- for 50g.
30 + Rs 425/- for 50g.
40 + Rs 525/- for 50g.

These facial skincare creams come in beautiful transparent glass round jars very similar to most of the L'oréal facial creams. These creams came to me in a beautiful looking black study box representing the brand L'Oréal. The box is really pretty on opening with the three cuties in different section. Each of the glass jars are quite heavy to hold and weigh a little more than usual. I couldn't control my patience seeing  the attractive packaging of these and opened all the the beauty jewels.  Take a look below at the quantity provided and the texture of creams.
Loreal Paris Skin Whitening Creams
Loreal Paris Skin Whitening Creams

I received these about a week ago and right after that I started using this Skin Perfect Cream for the twenties. I have been on a holiday for 2 weeks and since then I have been feeling my skin looking dull with suppressed complexion so I was actually thinking to use any skin whitening cream, which I normally avoid because of my oily acne prone skin. Since L'oréal is one of the most popular and trustable brands in the beauty and cosmetic industry,  I didn't think for a second before trying it's skin fairness lightening cream.

Since I could not use all three facial creams,  I picked up the one for twenties,  gifted the second one to one of my cousin's who is in her thirties and gave the one for forties to my MA. So different people of different age groups using 3 creams for a perfect skincare for every age as the tag line from L'oréal. It's just been a week we are using these creams.  With a little more usage I will update the review and experience of these very soon.

  1. Ugh, all jars, that is such a shame :-( Otherwise they sound good. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Looking forward to the review. I have been thinking of getting this one but then I couldn't decide.

  3. I have been using these too & in a week's time will finalize my thoughts on it! I like the age wise segregation though :)



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