How to Buy Online Like a Pro - Online Shopping Tips

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

How to Buy Online Like a Pro - Online Shopping Tips

How to Shop Online Safely Like a Pro

Guest Post by Ravitej- CEO and Founder of Pennyful

ONLINE SHOPPING is getting bigger, faster and snazzier. The Internet has become a shopping mall in itself and online shopping is like a boon for ‘die-hard’ shopping freaks. Shopping on the net is a child’s play. Names like Flipkart Online Shopping, Amazon Online Shopping is on the lips of every child. But nonetheless, the most avid online shoppers have learnt some methods over time to make it efficient while saving a lot of money.

By keeping in mind some simple tricks you can be a pro at online shopping as well! To help you shop smart we have come up with the following pointers which will help you make the best deals.

How to Shop Online Tips:

⦁    Subscribe to your Favourite Stores’ Newsletters
How to Shop Online Safely
How to Shop Online Tips
A simple way to stay up-to-date on special deals and offers from online stores is by registering on their websites. Notifications regarding sales and special offers will be mailed to you by the company, and at times some exclusive discounts as well.

Also, it’s easy to setup an inbox filter for promotional mails, and we recommend creating one so as to avoid piling up of junk mails. And at the same time, whenever you want to shop, you can pay a visit to the shopping label in your inbox and see what discounts are running

⦁    Do Some Research Online on the Desired Item Before Buying

Perhaps the biggest benefit of online shopping is that a person can search for the same item on many different stores simultaneously to find the best bargain. Price comparison websites like Junglee etc. help you see where can you get the best deal, and have a look at related products as well. This is useful especially when you are buying electronics.

⦁    Apply Coupons and Look Out for CashBack

With the rising heat among the online shopping portals, every website tries to give the best possible offers to hang on its customers and attract new ones. Online Coupon Sites provide an additive benefit to the customers through discount coupons. Coupons are an additional discount over the already reduced marked price. And then there are sites like Pennyful, which provide an additional cash back over and above the discounts. Hence making you save a lot of money for more shopping!

⦁    Install Right Browser Plugins
Then there are some money saving browser apps which tell you about the best available offers even without you opening the deal websites. The use of these apps is just a step away of installing them. Some of these browser extensions are Pennyful Cashback Notifier, Makkhichoose, PriceKart etc.

⦁    Collect and Use Store Credits

There are some web stores that run loyalty programs. If you are a loyal customer on a particular website, then with every purchase you make, the website gives you credits/points. When enough of those points have got accumulated, you can use them to purchase anything for free.

⦁    Save your Spending Spree for Big Sale Events and End of Season Sale (EOSS)

While stores almost always offer discounts perennially. Sale events make stores offer further discounts on some of the products. While GOSF is an industry event, some of the EOSS of different stores coincide as well. Hence a great opportunity to save some extra cash.

⦁    Customer Reviews Help a Great Deal
Customer reviews available on the website about the products will help you a great deal in making the selection. It is beneficial especially in purchase of gadgets, where you get well acquainted with the work and quality of the gadget you are purchasing. Also, if you are buying from a site for the first time, you can check out for user reviews on its social pages and do an online background check to see its authenticity.

⦁    Things to Note While Buying Apparel

How to buy Apparels Online
How to Shop Online Like a Pro

One of the major reasons for people for not buying apparel online is the concern about the size and fitting. You might get surprised if we tell you that it is better to buy apparel online. On almost every decent website, there is a proper size chart which you can follow to know and get the perfect size for yourself. You don’t have to trust the standard UK sizes, or S/M/L since for every brand even these standardizations vary. Further, material or texture concerns should not worry you either, along every item you view, sites mention the material and provide high resolution pictures from different angles of the same product. And even if after following these parameters, you don’t like the product, you can always get it returned or exchanged

And now that you are ready to take the online stores by a storm, don’t forget that the whole idea of buying online is convenience and saving money. Make a trip to a cash back site to see the available coupons and cash back offers to keep your wallet happy.

About the Author:

Ravitej is the CEO and Founder of Pennyful. In 2009, Ravitej graduated with a degree in Electronics & Communications Engineering from RVCE (R.V. College of Engineering in Bangalore).  In 2010, he launched which has become a leading innovator in cash back shopping in the U.S.  Part of wholly-owned subsidiary, Eze Get Online, Inc. (Wilmington, DE). Pennyful pays its customers to shop on-line. Currently it has more than 1500 partner stores (from Sony to Macy’s; Adidas to Fandango).

The success of Pennyful in the U.S. lead to the launch, in 2011, of, which today
is India's Largest Cashback website
and has over 250 of the top merchant partners in India.
Being a serial entrepreneur, Ravitej decided to launch in 2013 with co-Founder, Manu Swarup. He has been part of the judging committees at various events held by graduate schools in Bangalore and was featured on CNBC-TV18’s “Young Turks” in 2011 as part of the E-Summit.

  1. I am not much of an online shopping person bt the tips in this post is def worth keeping in mind!!

  2. Definitely one thing we have to keep it in our mind which is while shopping in online use an updated browser because I too experience when using old browser I cannot get some plugins.

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