Aviance Deo Active Perfumed Talc Review

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Aviance Deo Active Perfumed Talc Review

Aviance Beauty Solutions is a very well known brand in beauty and cosmetic products. I have used many Aviance products like shampoo, face wash, cleansers but the product I keep buying regularly is is its talcum powder, which is very different from the basic talcum powders since its not just a talc but a deo active perfumed talc.

I am not a very regular user of talcs except the prickly heat powder in summers. I occasionally buy different talcum powders from brands like Ponds, Johnson and keep switching them, but when I need a good perfumed talc,  I come to this Aviance Perfumed Talc, the fragrance of which is much beyond the regular talc fragrance.

Aviance Powder Review

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What Aviance Perfumed Talc Claims?

Price -  Rs 64/- for 100 g.


This Aviance Deo Active Talcum Powder comes in a cute blue bottle with a white flip, which is neither too tight nor too loose but just very convenient for the use.

Aviance Deo Active Perfumed Talc

The powder is fine and gets absorbed in the skin very easily without leaving a white cast. Not let me come to its best part, its fragrance. Yes the fragrance of this Aviance Talc is too good. Just as the name claims, Deo Active Perfumed Talc, this truly has that deo perfume fragrance which is very different from normal talc fragrance.

Whenever I use this Aviance Powder, many people ask me which perfume I have applied and when I tell them its not a perfume but just a powder, they don't believe. The lasting power of this talc is quite good. It easily last and linger for 7-8 hours in a normal sweat free dry climate and 3-4 hours in hot weather.

Overall I have been more than satisfied with this Aviance Deo Active Perfume Talc since it refreshes me and also the people around me. It provides a long lasting fragrance which lingers for long making you smell good for long. Only thing that bothers me is applying this talc on black clothes. I normally have some or the other black apparel in my outfit which gets fill with white dots when I use this talc.
This is the only reason I don't use it very frequently.


Amazing Fragrance
Fragrance lasts quite long.
Perfumed fragrance different from regular talcs.
Nice packaging.


Available only with agents.
Cannot be use on black apparels, which is the case with all talcs.

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