Vega Folding Hair Brush With Mirror Review

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vega Folding Hair Brush With Mirror Review

I have done so many posts on Hair Care Products commonly on hair shampoo and conditioner but this is a brief review on an Hair Brush from Vega which serves the dual purpose of a brush and a mirror. I don't really use hair brush very frequently, rather stick to wide toothed comb or my regular comb normally but since this brush came with a mirror and was also foldable, I thought it would be good to carry while travelling. Read the review below to find whether I liked this Vega Hair Brush or no.

Vega foldable Hair Brush with Mirror Review

Price - Rs 110/-


The packaging of this hair brush is quite good since it comes with a brush and mirror both organized and arranged in a compact manner. Moreover the shape and size of the brush makes it look cute.

Vega Hair Brush

Now coming to the use of this brush as an hair brush. This brush does not serve the purpose of a brush or a comb for me in anyway because firstly its too small and secondly the teeth of this are too compact and close that I am just not able to brush my hair with it. I can't smoothen my tangles with this until I use it in combination with my Matrix Hair Serum. Its just that it helps me giving a touch up to my hair or atleast make them little better from the worst condition which is quite normal while travelling.

Vega foldable Brush with Mirror Review

Now coming to its role as a mirror. Well I must say this Vega Brush does not fail as a mirror since it gives nice clarity to see my face and skin clearly while travelling making it easy for me to any touch ups or even full makeup at times if required.

Overall its just an average product, hair brush is not at all satisfactory at least for girls with long hair, but one could use its mirror while travelling easily since its compact and easy to handle because of being protected in this folding cover.


Nice cute packaging.

Cute look.

Mirro with clarity.


Does not truly serves the purpose of brush.


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