Magic Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer Review

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Magic Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer Review

Magic Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer for Healthy Hands.

I have already discussed the importance of  HAND SANITIZER in today's world and why I love using Hansan W Sanitizer. This post is about the same product but from another brand - Magic Ayurveda. I have also used few others products from this brand like Magic Ayurveda Hair Fall Control Oil, Acne Face Wash and this time its this sanitizer. I have used this sanitizer for about little more than a month and here is my review on it.

Magic Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer Claims?

Healthy-Hands is an easy to use cleanser that dosen't require soap or water. It's new anti-bacterial formula kills 99.9% of the responsible for causing illness and leaves your hand soft and moisturised.


Just take a few drops of Healthy-Hands Sanitizer on dry palm and rub hands together quickly. Keep the bottle tightly closed. Store below 30 degree Celsius. Well protect from direct sunlight.
Formulation Ingredients

Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerine, Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Juice, Alum, Turmeric, Neem Ext, Madar, Peppermint Ext, Cinnamon Oil, DM, Water.

I think this list covers so many good herbal ayurvedic ingredients which could be one of the reasons to buy this ayurvedic hand sanitizer.


This Magic Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer comes in a simple not so attractive packaging yet convenient with a flip at top, which makes it super convenient to use the required amount of sanitizer without a mess.

Healthy Hands are very important to keep yourself healthy. I am very conscious about my hands and wash them so many times in a day. You can use any herbal hand wash or any other but cleaning of hands is very important but this cleaning of hands with water is not possible when we are out. Thats where these hand sanitizers become even more important.  

The sanitizer is transparent in color with the medium to thick consistency and this is what I love about it. Because of its this texture, I never fear of its leakage of falling of while applying. Even if I leave it on my slanting hands loosely, it does not drops so quickly. Another thing about this Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer which impress me so much is its mind blowing fragrance. The fragrance of this is simply amazing with a citrus effect and is so noticeable. Whenever I use it on my hands, my husband always asks me, did you apply something. He likes it so much that even he uses it at times.

The amount of sanitizer required to be used at a time is very less and this makes it long lasting. As mentioned I have used it for more than a month and still only one fourth bottle used. This would definitely go a long way.

Overall I like this Magic Ayurveda Hand Sanitizer very much. Its convenient to use, has an awesome citrus fragrance which lingers for some time. The bottle comes with a tight flip with no chance of leakage. The only thing that bothers me about this hand sanitizer is its effectiveness when compared to a medicated sanitizer and its availability. I know medicated sanitizer works best in killing germs and bacteria but comes with a very strong unpleasant fragrance, due to which I find this is a better option. But after all choice is yours what you want and what is more important for you.


Awesome citrus fragrance which lingers for some time.
Nice thick consistency.
Comes in convenient bottle.
Easy to use without a mess.
Does not leak.
Contains all herbals ingredients.
Long lasting


Not sure about its effectiveness being non medicated.

  1. GReat review dear :)

  2. This looks like a great sanitizer....beautifully reviwed Babe! :)

  3. I like citrus smell! sounds gd :)

  4. I like citrus smell! sounds gd :)

  5. Hand sanitizers are my favourites! Seems to be a very good product! I wish I could get it here :) Nice wok babe <3


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