HANSAN W Hand Sanitizer Review.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

HANSAN W Hand Sanitizer Review.

Hansan W Instant Waterless Hand Sanitizer.

Hansan W Hand Sanitizer was my first sanitizer. Few years before, I didn’t know what Hand Sanitizers are and what their use is, it was that time, I was gifted this sanitizer. But after realizing its importance in today’s worlds, I always carry a hand sanitizer in my purse. Presently I am using GODREJ HAND SANITIZER, since this Hansan W is an international brand and is not easily available in India. But I really like this very much so here is the review.

What Hansan W Hand Sanitizer Claims?

Kills 99.9 %  germs of the most common germs that may cause illness is as little as 15 seconds.
Eliminates bacteria on skin. Gentle on Hands.
Use without water or towels, anyplace, anytime.
Leaves hands feeling refreshed without stickiness or residue.

Directions for use

Put a thumbnail size in your palm and rub hands together briskly until dry. Children under 6 years of age should be supervised when using Hansan W.


I started using HAND SANITIZERS few years back when I came to know how quickly and easily bacteria can cause an infection in minutes, thus making you sick if no proper safety measures taken in daily life. Also since that time hand sanitizers were not really available in India, if they did, the options were very few. But now its not the case. Almost everybody has a small bottle of this in their bag.

This Hansan W Hand Sanitizer bottle, comes in cute transparent bottle with a flip at the top, which makes this bottle super convenient to use quickly when required that too without causing any mess at all.

The sanitizer is quite liquid and is transparent in colour. The smell of this is totally like an antiseptic lotion. I feel it very similar to Detol lotions. Though I don’t like this smell on my hands before eating food since it’s so medicated, but still I don’t mind this since this is what makes me feel that this sanitizer is truly anti- bacterial and powerful in eliminating bacteria and other germs.

Whenever I use this sanitizer on my hands, I feel an amazingly cooling and refreshing sensation. The smell lingers on for sometime and then disappears. After using this, I truly feel my hands are clean and I can eat the food nicely using my hands without any tension.

Overall I like this Hansan W Hand Sanitizer a lot. It helps me whenever I am a restaurant, bus or any place where I don’t have access to water. I just apply this sanitizer and relief myself from the tension of dirty hands. I always carry a sanitizer bottle in my purse in case of emergencies and would advise you the same, after all healthy hands means better health.


Comes in nice cute transparent bottle.
Super convenient bottle with flip.
No leakage even if bottle left in purse for long.
Truly anti-bacterial lotion


Consistency is little more liquid.
Medicated smell, though its’ not a con but don’t like it for the first few seconds.

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  1. i carry a sanitizer in my hand and yeah hate that medicated smell. Wish they come up with much more pleasant fragrances.Nice post..


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