One Minute for Eyes before Sleeping

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Monday, April 14, 2014

One Minute for Eyes before Sleeping

I know most of you would be surprised by the title, One Minute for Eyes before Sleeping. Yes I truly suggest you to just give this minute to your beautiful eyes to retain and even enhance its beauty more and more.

We keep working hard whole day and so our eyes. In fact in today’s world of E-commerce, I think it’s our eyes which are used much more than any other body part because of the use of television, laptops and yes our favourite android phones. 

So if our eyes help us so much, so how can we ignore its importance and forget caring for it back? Absolutely not. For this much from eyes, we can at least afford to spare a minute for our eyes before sleeping, which will not only increase its beauty but also relax it after whole day stress

I won’t keep you in suspense any more. This tip was suggested to me by one of the popular beautician in my area. She suggested this to some when else, when I was beside. There was a lady in parlour with extremely dark eyelids and dark circles. Seeing this, the beautician advised the lady to apply pure rose water with cotton ball on eyes every night before sleeping. I was wondering what this 1 minute technique would do with such dark circles. 

Same question was asked by the lady to the beautician who in turn replied that applying organic pure fresh rose water to eyes before sleeping takes away all the stress of eyes and gives ait a cooling sensation with lot of relaxation. Moreover if done at night it calms down the eyes and prepares it for next day works. Along with enhancing its external beauty, it also takes of it internally.

The beautician was so confident about this that she told the lady that you just try it and then you would understand what I saying. Seeing her confidence, I suggested this tip to my friend’s mother who was suffering from the same problem of dark circles and eye lids. I told aunty to take this very seriously and be regular in doing this. 

To my surprise, my friend called me after 20 days approximately and thanked me for suggesting this tip, since it had showing its results on this very old problem of her Mom. She was so happy that this so easy, safe, economical tip is so effective. I was equally happy with her and since then I have been suggesting this tip to many people and follow same on me. Be sure to use pure good quality rose water in this, otherwise artificial rose water might hurt your eyes rather doing good. Take care of your eyes by trying this by giving 1 minute to eyes before sleeping.

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