DK Cosmetics Crayon Crème 2 in 1 Lip & Eye Pencil Review

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DK Cosmetics Crayon Crème 2 in 1 Lip & Eye Pencil Review

DK Cosmetics Long Lasting Eye & Lip Professional Pencil Review

This pencil from DK Cosmetics is a dual lip and eye pencil, that why it’s called as 2 in 1 professional pencil.  I have not really heard of this brand before, but this eye & lip pencil is used in lot of parlours and saloon.  The parlour which I visit frequently has lot of products of DK Cosmetics and once when I was there to get ready for a party function, it was then when I came to know this.

They used this DK Crayon Crème Pencil in Golden Shade (no written 12, on it)  on my lips and I liked it very much since it was so smooth and gave the perfect shine, not too glittery nether too dry but just good enough.
Also the shade somewhat golden bronze was pretty good for parties and looked very elegant. I was so impressed with the pencil that I requested them to get one for me and finally I got one.

I have already mentioned this DK Crayon pencil works very nicely as a lip liner but what about eyes? Is it really good on Eyes? No not really it’s just an average eye liner pencil not as good as a lip liner.  Its takes a little effort to apply this on to eyes and also gives a very light shade. It’s not even shimmery or glittery which I like in eye liner if they have slight radiant look with shimmer, at least if the colour is golden meant for parties.

Now coming to the quality of this pencil, it’s an average quality pencil and is very long. The tip is very delicate and comes off easily if not sharped properly but it’s not a problem, because the pencil is very long.

Overall I like this DK Crayon Crème 2 in 1 as lip pencil but not too much as an eye pencil. You can go for this if you like brown bronze lip shades, this would add to its beauty. I don’t know if these are available in Market, but you can definitely ask for it your beauty salons.

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  1. I quite like the shade; prefer something light for working days.


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