Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water Early Morning

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water Early Morning

Hello Good Morning Everyone. I just had my 3 glasses of water this morning and I am totally refreshed now to start this post about beauty benefits of drinking water empty stomach in early morning. Drinking water not only gives us beautiful sin but also give us good health. Drinking 3-4 glasses of water early morning gives you beautiful clear glowing skin along with curing various body diseases. This technique of drinking water early morning is very famous in Japan and is known as Water Therapy.

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We all know that the main thing required for our body to function properly and smoothly is water, since our body is 70 percent made up of water. Water helps to clear out all toxins from the body thus making various parts to work in the most efficient way. We drink water, we loose water meaning that water goes out from our body in various different forms throughout the day. So its very important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. But what is the best time to drink water. Some say you need to drink throughout the day, some say you should drink more water in morning and yes even I believe this theory because what ever things we take in morning directly affect our body much more than what we take in noon or at night.

This water therapy of Japan also advises to drink 3-4 glasses of water empty stomach early morning. You can start with 2 glasses and increase gradually since you might feel bloated initially. Room temperature or lukewarm water is preferred over cold water. After drinking water, brush you teeth and give a gap of 45 minutes in breakfast. This Water Therapy has infinite health and beauty benefits, one of them being Weight Loss.

Yes its also said that drinking water early morning actually flushes out toxin from your body and thus help in weight loss along with giving you clear beautiful glowing skin. Along with these, some of the other benefits associated from this Water Therapy are,

Drinking water early morning helps in following health problems,

Gastric issues
Eye problems
Kidney disorders.

There are more and more benefits of this Water Therapy and you will only feel once you start drinking it. Start with less amount 1-2 glasses and increase slowly. If you have any problem just try this therapy and see if it works and if not still try since water has nothing to harm you. You might feel slight uneasy in the beginning but once your body gets use to it, you actually benefit from this Water Therapy. Any side effects and reactions of drinking water in morning is very rare but if at all, one might consult the doctor immediately.

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