How to Use Dried Nail Polish or Nail Paint

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to Use Dried Nail Polish or Nail Paint

Dried Nail Polish Quick Fix Tip.

Dried nail polish is very common especially in summers. Nails Paints dry up becoming very thick creating a whole chaos and a mess to apply. This happens mainly because of two reasons;

If we leave Nail polish and don’t use them for a long time.

Secondly these also end up drying if there is too much heat around causing them to dry.

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Sometime it happens that we haven’t used the nail polish even once and left them in drawer for later use but till that time, it end up drying, so should we throw away our dried unused nail paint?
I know this would hurt many of us, so I have a quick fix for this problem. 

What you need is a nail polish remover of some good brand.

Tip - How to use Dried Nail Polish

Mix few drops of a good nail polish remover in the dried nail paint bottle, close the lid and shake it properly. This will make it little liquid and also smooth to apply at least for some time if not long.

This tip has always worked for me and I have used nail remover mixed nail paints at least 2 -3 times after that. This method makes me most happy when I am about to apply matching nail polish with my dress for any party or function and end up getting a dried nail paint. This method comes as a rescue then. 

Do try this and tell me if it works for you or not. Another thing I would suggest you is try to keep Nail Polish bottle in refrigerator at least in summers to avoid it getting dried up.

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