Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion Review

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF Skin Lotion Review

Good Morning friends, today I am reviewing one of the best moisturizing lotions for all skin types’ specially sensitive skin. Its Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF-e skin lotion – Protects, Moisturizes, Nourishes. One of my friends with very good skin used this lotion as a daily moisturizer. One day, I asked her the secret of her beautiful skin & she revealed this NMF skin lotion, which was recommended to her by a dermatologist.


1     For relief of dry skin conditions.
2.    Prevents sun-induced skin damage.
3.    Helps in skin rejuvenation.

Directions for Usage:

Apply at least twice daily to all skin areas requiring special attention. Also specially recommended for us after washing / bathing.


This Aloe Vera & Vitamin E NMF lotion comes in a simple plastic bottle with a flip cap, making it hygienic to use but not so travel friendly, since the lotion might leak from top.

Then lotion has nice floral smell & is all white in color. Its consistency is medium, somewhat on the liquid side.

On application, its feels light, easily gets absorbed on skin but still I don’t use it on face in summers when my skin is oily. But for winters it works very nicely, helps in sootthing & moisturizing of skin. Also I use this lotion whenever I feel any itching or irritation like redness or rashes on my skin & there too it works for me.

Overall I like this NMF lotion very much, Its very soothing, moisturizing & a great lotion for all all skin types, specially dry & sensitive skin.


Leaves skin moisturized & nourished.
Nice fragrance.
Moisturizes dry skin even in winters.
Gets absorbed easily on skin.
Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Easily available offline at any medical store.


Cannot be used in summers by oily skin people.
Not available online or at any other beauty store.

RATING – 4/5

  1. This is my all to fav lotion Prerna

    1. how much is this?
      Philippine price? This was prescribed also by my derma and I chose not to buy for the availability issues...

  2. It's magical ...
    Also work on pimples .....
    I loved it

  3. I love NMFe lotion though I wasnt a typical 'moisturiser using' person . This is non oily and sticky, spreads evenly and has a world class texture. Have been using it for 5 years all the year round. Great product though not a well known brand it beats reputed brands hollow on the parameters mentioned. Do try it. NMFe lotion is now available on flipkart.

  4. This works on my combination skin perfectly!I have been using it for more than 5 yrs now n <3 this product :-)

  5. Shall we use this for 11 months baby

  6. Shall we use this for 11 months baby


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