VEDIC LINE Sandalwood & Turmeric Face Wash Review

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

VEDIC LINE Sandalwood & Turmeric Face Wash Review

Good Morning. This is a review on Face wash from Vedic Line, i.e Vedic Line Sandalwood & Turmeric Face Wash for normal to dry & mature skin - A face Wash I promised to review sometime back. I have been using this since few days, so thought of reviewing it.

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What it Claims?

With sense soothing spicy fragrance, it heals and tones up skin. Sandalwood works towards lightening skin complexion and making skin color even. Turmeric with its antiseptic properties helps giving glow to skin.

Directions for Use

Apply a few drops on the wet skin. Gently massage and wash it out.

Price  – Rs 190/- for 200ml.


I bought this Vedic Line Face Wash because of the one big reason mainly, that it had the word Turmeric in it- the wonder herb of India. Since everywhere we hear about the amazing benefits of Turmeric on skin, I was happy to see its face wash & bought it immediately. This face wash comes in a nice transparent bottle, with a pump dispenser, thus making it very hygienic to use.

The wash face is light yellow in color & appears to be somewhat like a gel or a lemon gel because of being yellow.

Now coming to its effectiveness. While using this face wash, I don’t actually feel I have cleaned my face. It lathers ok but I think its extremely gentle so one could not actually feel it.  I feel that it just does the work of cleaning face well, that too not deeply but just on average basis, nothing more than that.

Overall I feel its just an average face wash. Sensitive skin people might like it since its so gentle.


Comes in a nice packaging with pump dispenser.
Very gentle.
Does not dry out skin.
Herbal brand – Vedic Line.


Just normally cleans the face, not deep clean.
Did not any other difference on skin as claimed.
Quite expensive.

RATING – 3/5

  1. Nice Review...I like vedicline products :)

  2. By name it appears to be really a good facewash

  3. I'm also thinking of buying because it has turmeric. Hope it could give my face a much glowing look! :)


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