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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Shingar JET BLACK KAJAL Review

PRICE - Rs. 30/- for 3 gms


I bought this kajal from medplusbeauty – best online shopping site ( Check Review Here ) where it showed the name of TIPS & TOES KAJAL, so I was surprised to see kajal pencil from tips & toes @ Rs 30- only &  instantly ordered it. But on receiving the pencil I saw there was no name of Tips &  Toes. Only Shingar Kajal Pencil was written on the box.

On opening the cover, the pencil had two golden caps –one at front & one at back, though the back one was too loose & it fell down that very moment.

Now coming to kajal part. The pencil is very smooth to apply & glides on easily on the waterline. It gives a jet black color on a single swipe itself. However I have taken a picture of 1 , 2 & 3 swipes to show you how black it is.

 Here is the look

The kajal gives jet black color & do not stings at all. But a major drawback is it smudges very easily. This pencil came out to be opposite from what I always heard of shingar pencil that these do not smudge at all. But I always feared to use these because of the lead content present in shingar kajal. This time also I didn’t bought this, rather it came to me in place of TIPS & TOES KAJAL

Now regarding the waterproof part, the pencil is not waterproof at all. Gets easily removed by water & does not give raccoon eyes.

Overall an average pencil & will work for those without watery eyes & ones who are not really worried about consequences of using kajal with lead content.


Glides easily
Jet black color
Very cheap


Possibility of lead content, because of name Shingar.
Smudges easily
Non waterproof
Packaging not sturdy
Would not suit sensitive eyes.

RATING - 2.5/5