VAADI HERBALS PRODUCT-Oil Free Moisturizer Review

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

VAADI HERBALS PRODUCT-Oil Free Moisturizer Review

Today I am going to review an oil free moisturiser - VAADI HERBALS OIL FREE MOISTURIZER with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Extract. I had huge expectations from this moisturizer, since its oil free, herbal & contained ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E. But Sadly it turned out to be just an average product not too good & not bad either. So here is its review

PRICE - Rs 35/- for 100 ml.


Oil free moisturiser with vitamin E and aloe-vera extract.


Enriched with essential vitamins and aloe vera, Vaadi oil free moisturiser gives your skin a natural glow without an oil shine.


Firstly the 2 things which made me buy this product are its herbal ingredients like Aloe Vera & 2nd is its price- only Rs 35/- for 100ml which is very cheap.

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Now coming to its oil free formula which makes it suitable for oily skin types. Yes this product will work quite nicely with people with oily skin as they require just a little of moisture for their skin. But if someone has combination & dry skin or even oily skin with some rough or dry areas should not go for this moisturizer


The consistency of the product is ok – neither thick nor runny good enough for moisturization. The moisturizer has almost negligible fragrance but when I tried to smell it more & more closely it appeared to be like some kind of vicks smell. Though it smells very less but whatever it was I didn’t like it. May be because its an herbal product & thus is fragrance free.

Overall I would say this is an average product, good for people with oily skin who need very little moisturization as compared to dry skin beauties & since its oil free won’t cause acne too.


Made of herbal products

Very cheap

Easily available online at most of online beauty shops

Did not cause acne or pimples


Will not work with combination or dry skin people.
Not available in stores, con for those who dont do online shopping

Will not provide skin with any extra benefit other than mositurization touch ups.

RATING - 3.5/5