PATANJALI Coconut Hair Oil Review

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

PATANJALI Coconut Hair Oil Review

Patanjali Edible Pure Coconut Oil for Skin & Hair.

The word PATANJALI Edible Coconut Oil might make you wonder, is this an hair oil or an oil meant for cooking purpose. Well when I bought this Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil, I didn't see this word edible and just bought this oil on seeing beautiful pictures of Coconut on it and Patanjali is definitely a brand I trust, since I have tried so many Divya Patanjali Products for Skin & Hair I really like most of them specially its Kesh Kanti Shampoo, Aloe Vera Gel, toothpaste and many more. So I just bought this oil, thinking it to be a normal coconut hair oil. I have already tried Parachute Coconut Hair Oil but this time I wanted to try it from this brand. Though I have seen many pictures of Patanjali Tejus Pure Coconut Oil on the net with the word Tejus, but this oil has no word Tejus but Edible Coconut Oil.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review
Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Details:

Patanjali coconut oil made from the mature & fresh coconuts, Patanjali Double Filtered Coconut Oil is a premium cooking and consumer oil that is pure and non-RBD. Patanjali double filtered coconut oil is pure and without any preservatives offering you the great taste, aroma and goodness of Natural Coconut Oil.

Patanjali Coconut Oil Benefits:

Edible quality coconut oil which ensures the quality
Free from harmful chemicals
Not heavy or sticky
Not difficult to get off from hair in two washes
Can be put to multiple uses like body oil, makeup removal, lip hydration etc
Leaves hair nourished
Reduces hair fall.

Massage Coconut Hair Oil gently onto the scalp and hair preferably at bed time for at least 10-15 minutes & may be rinsed off after keeping overnight. For best results use twice a week.

Coconut oil has a host of beauty and healthy benefits. Coconut oil provides deep moisture to skin and hair, and the lauric acid in coconut oil can improve good cholesterol levels and suppress bad cholesterol. It's a 100% pure coconut oil, without any preservatives, which is double filtered and completely edible. It contains fatty acids that has anti microbial properties benefiting digestive disorders. Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Price - Rs 48/- for 200 ml.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review

The packaging of this Divya Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil, looks quite good to look at but is not at all travel friendly. The oil comes in a long sleek white bottle with a flip cap which is very loose and very much prone to leakage of oil. Even when I reached home after buying the new bottle of this hair oil, I could see few drops of the oil on the bottle because of the leakage. That time itself, I understood this hair oil bottle needs to be handled with utmost care otherwise it would make everything a big mess. This Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil looks very soothing to look at in white color with coconut trees in the background. Now coming to the oil part. The oil is quite thin in texture and completely non sticky, not at all greasy or heavy in any away. As soon as I poured the oil in my palm, I could feel the magical fragrance of coconut and when I took it closer to my nose, the fragrance became more strong as if I am surrounded by lot of Coconuts around. This made me quite sure that its truly a PURE COCONUT OIL, if not 100% pure with the name EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. Also the word edible coconut oil, on top of the bottle also proves its purity to some extent. But after feeling it, I can actually say its one of the best and purest coconut oils.

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Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review
Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review

Divya Patanjali Hair Oil Review
Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review

The smell of this Patanjali Coconut Oil is quite good, considering it as an oil. I take little of this and apply all over my hair, rubbing gently in between giving a light massage. The oil gets absorbed by the hair very quickly without making them greasy or heavy which is very normal with most of the oils. Infact sometime when I used this hair oil, in little less quantity, I simply could not feel that I has something on my hair, it was so light. I normally apply oil in the weekend but because this Divya Patanjali oil was very light in texture, I did not mind increasing my hair oil frequency by applying it twice and thrice a week. Moreover its fragrance was also not weird or overpowering, to irritate others. Now let me tell you the real results I got after using this oil for about a little more than month. My hair are normally dry and giving me lot of hair fall, since the beginning of this year. Though my hair fall has reduced quite a bit after using this but this Patanjali Hair Oil improved the quality of my hair a lot along with reducing the hair fall. It made my hair smooth, soft and manageable free from tangles, otherwise there was a time I had to use Matrix Opti Care Hair Detangler very frequently to get my hair free of tangles.

Patanjali Pure Coconut Hair Oil Review
Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Review

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Overall I am very happy with this Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil. It ayurvedic, natural, affordable and one of the purest Coconut hair oil. I have used it on my hair for quite some time and felt the difference in the overall quality of my hair. One can use it on skin, face, dry areas and even for cooking since its a multi hair oil. I would continue using this on in future also to get rid of dandruff, hair fall naturally.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Pros

Smells of pure Coconut.
Very light hair oil and not thik or heavy.
Gets absorbed easily into hair.
Improves hair quality on regular use.
Makes hair manageable making them less prone to tangles.
Makes hair soft and smooth.
Can be use on hair, face and even for cooking.
Easily available offline at Patanjali outlets.

Patanjali Coconut Hair Oil Cons

Packaging not travel friendly, prone to leakage.
Availability online.

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  4. Its seems to be a nice product , do they have virgin coconut oil .

    1. I think this is virgin coconut oil only, its non-RBD, please let me know if I am wrong.

  5. I love patanjali (really no words)

  6. So can we use the Edible Coconut Oil for cooking ? As it says edible ? And can the same used for applying hair and skin as well ? Please let me know !


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