5 Hair Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hair

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Friday, July 8, 2016

5 Hair Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hair

5 Hair Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hair

Who does not want luscious lively hair? Not to forget voluminous, the most important dream of all. What good does it do when your hair looks super shiny and full of vigor, yet lacks the density that can help you flaunt it. Hair that lies flat changes the look you wish to get. While some are born with thick healthy hair, others just have to find their ways to retain it.

Hair Hacks To Add Volume to Your Hair

Lately, help to achieve this is plenty- home remedies to reduce hair fall, hairstyles to boost volume, volumizing shampoos, hair transplant treatments, hair extensions, etc. And you might be doing them all- using egg masks for silky hair, purchasing the best hair stylers, following hair care routine for amazing hair, and what not! When you are absolutely short of time to get any of these and the occasion calls for some styled hair, what do you do?

Best Hair Hacks To Add Volume To Your Hair

Here are some 5 quick hacks to add volume to your hair, no matter what length it is in! And trust us, they are foolproof methods. Let’s go…

Hair Hacks To Add Volume To Your Hair

1. Blow-dry

 Its one of the best ways to pump in some volume into your tresses immediately. Blow-drying your hair either soon after your hair wash, or while styling your hair will work wonders. Get hold of a good hair dryer and learn to style hair efficiently using the blow-drying technique.

2. Style against the wave

 Find out the direction in which your hair lays flat and style in the direction opposite to it. If your hair falls flat on the left, start off by styling it (either blow-drying, curling or crimping), from the roots towards the right side. Once you are done, gently flip your hair back to the left. You will notice a lift in the volume.

3. Crimping

Go in for stylers with crimping plates and try your hand at it. The small artificial waves that it creates will help you get amazing volume to your overall hair length.

4. Backcombing

Love this best of all! The backcombing technique can be used to add some volume to your hair length temporarily and quickly. You can either choose to backcomb entire hair length or just the front portion of hair. Settle in for whichever suits your hairstyle. Take small sections of hair (let's say, an inch). Comb out this portion to remove any tangles or knots. Use gentle circular motions near the roots (your hair near the roots should move up and down). Spray in some hairspray into the backcombed area. Repeat the process wherever necessary. Mild setting of the hair superficially without disturbing the backcombed region below will work the magic you wish to see!

5. Pick the right hairstyle

Choose the right hairstyle that will add bounce to your hair. Cover the flaws. A wide side sweep will not just cover a broad forehead, but will also make your hair look denser on the front. Combine this hairstyle with the other techniques to get a great look for the day.

These are the quick hair hacks that have worked for plenty of other women. When you are hard pressed for time to add volume naturally, falling back on these hair hacks will never disappoint. Try these tips and let us know of other techniques that work for you.

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