Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Face Pack Review

Neem is the best ayurvedic cleanser for acne prone skin type and this importance of this anti acne herb becomes even more important in summer when there in tons of oil production and people with oily skin like mine are left with no option but of carrying a big zip lock wipes bag with them where ever go. So to get rid of this oiliness I want to introduce a NEEM FACE PACK with the combination of GREEN TEA - Sugandha Neem Green Tea Face Pack.

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Face Pack Details

A mask for oily and acne prone skin,to control oiliness, breakouts and to give anti oxidant and healing benefits to the skin. Also helps with Sundamage. A fantastic anti-aging mask for oily skin, suited for sensitive skin.

Neem heps reduce blemishes and spots - Neem and green tea work on bacteria that cause on acne.

Green Tea helps fade marks & pigmentation - Green Tea, Rice are skin lighteners and help with sun damage.

Rice is soothing for sensitive skin - Acne treatments are often harsh but rice and green tea work to soothe red skin while working on bacteria.

Can be used as s skin cleanser - Absorbs excess oils and dirt, skin. Use this mask as a morning face mask cum mask.

Less oily skin - Green tea reduces oil production in skin

PRICE – Rs 900/- for 60 gms.


This mask is not just made with neem, Its made with specially sourced organic Green tea, organic rice and Neem. The combination of very high quality ingredients in right proportions makes it work well on acne, reducing oilyness and lightening blemishes a bit.

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Face Pack


This Sandals Neem Face Pack comes in a very simple round jar packaging. The product comes in the powder form and can be easily carried without any fear of spillage because of the tight lid.

 Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Face Pack Review

The product is in powder form and is purely organic. For application you need to mix the product with some water to form a nice smooth paste and the apply on to your face. I mix it with some water,apply on my entire face leaving the eye area, then massage it very gently and leave for about a minute and then rinse off.

Sugandha Neem Green Tea Face Pack Review

Along with cleansing I find it to be exfoliating as well since it contains fine rice granules which helps in gentle exfoliation. My face definitely looks very clean but I also get little redness and itchy skin if I leave it for little long. I do have little bit of sensitive skin but normally it does not react to organic products but with this Sugandha Face Pack, I could feel the little tingling sensation at times of using it.

Overall I think this Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plat Mask is an average organic face scrub specially for oily skin. I would totally recommend this scrub to oily skin beauties to get rid of that extra oiliness in summer, since it works beautifully in getting rid of oil and grease stuff but if you have extremely sensitive skin then this is not for you or you can try giving a test before. Also I think its too expensive to spend 900 bucks for just litlle powder which can be easily made from your own kitchen ingredients at very little cost.


Organic face scrub.
Contains ayurvedic neem, skin's friend.
Gets rid of oiliness to a huge extent.
Skin looks matte and dry for hours after use.


Not for dry sensitive skin.
Makes skin red if left for long.
Packaging is not hygienic.
Too expensive for the quantity.

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