Patanjali Peedantak Ointment for Muscular & Joint Pain Review

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Patanjali Peedantak Ointment for Muscular & Joint Pain Review

Patanjali Peendantak Ointment & Yograj Guggul Vati for Joint Pain

Proper exercise & stretching is very important for me and for all. I do get lazy little bit in winters but still try to keep myself moving to improve circulation. I start with normal warm up exercises and then follow stretching and other vigorous exercise. About 2 months back, while stretching my arm for an exercise purpose, my upper arm muscle got pulled somehow. I did not feel too much pain immediately but after few minutes when I tried to raise my hand up high, I realized I had a shooting pain at a single point while raising up, which was actually not allowing me to raise my arm. I did not want to stress myself and kept my hand in the most relaxing position I could. I also applied an ice pack as a normal immediate cure, but it didn't help much. I thought the pain would ease in few days on its own but even a week later, I could feel the pain at the same point.

Patanjali Peedantak Muscular Pain Reliever Ointment

After about a week, I took an appointment with one of the most known physicians in my area who suggested me to keep the hand in fringe position for about a week more and avoiding any strenuous move and heavy lifting. But even after 2 weeks I could still feel a noticeable pain and could not take my arm freely forward and backward. It was more than a month but my arm was not healed, infact I started feeling some sort of pain in the shoulder area also by then. I got really worried about my arm and started searching on the net for my own cure, which I always do at some point of time. Somehow I got to know about this Patanjali Peedantak Ointment for Muscular & Joint Pain, which claims to be made of all herbal ingredients and gets relieve of muscular and joint pain with regular use. I had to buy this immediately because I trust Patanjali Products very much, because they have always helped me whether its Patanjali Hair & Skin Care Products or other medicinal products. I bought this Ointment from a nearby Patanjali store and along with it I also got Yograj Guggul Vati, which again works in joint pain, about which I will discuss in the end.

Ayurvedic Cream for Muscular & Joints Pain
Ayurvedic Cream for Muscular Pain

What Patanjali Peedantak Ayurvedic Muscular Pain Ointment Claims?

This Pain Reliever Ointment is an herbal formulation which gives instant pain relief. The ointment is purely organic and causes no side effects. Massaging the ointment at the affected areas increases blood circulation and warmth and relieve from the pain.


Patanjali Peedantak Ointment Ingredients

PRICE - Rs 70/- for 50 g.

Patanjali Peedantak Ointment Review

This ayurvedic cream for muscular and joints pain comes in a simple yet convenient tube packaging like most of the muscular pain creams. The tube is white in color and the cream is off white and smells ayurvedic with the camphor smell more prominent.


On application, this cream gives a very cooling sensation like most of the other muscular pain creams and lotions. I started applying this cream generously on my shoulder and the entire upper arm focusing on the pain area a bit more. I used this muscular pain gel twice, in the morning after bath and in the night before sleeping. At times I also applied it thrice in the initial days and continued this practice for about 15 days regularly. I could notice a clear difference in my arm strength and moveability just after a week. So I can say this  ayurvedic Peedantak Ointment works wonderfully on minute muscualr pain adding it to flexibility but you definitely need to be regular since its all herbal and without any medicine. Here I want to add, I also took Divya Yograj Guggul Vati for few days since its also recommended for joint pain. I didn't want to leave any care undone so bought this Yogaraj Guggul also. Take a look at Yograj Guggul Vati below.

Divya Yograj Guggul for Joint Pain
Yograj Guggul Vati

Yograj Guggul Claims?

Useful in Hemorrhoids, fistula, vata related pains, paralysis, sciatica, vata in bone marrow joints. Drugs manufactured through Guggul kalpa, a special process of Ayurveda Guggul has special significance in Ayurveda medicine. This is used for all types of vata diseases. This enhances the fi re activity, stimulates uterus, regulates menstrual disorders, growth of white blood cells in blood, diuretics, mucilage secretory, worm destroyer etc.

All Guggul can be taken 1-1 or 2-2 dosage in the morning and evening with lukewarm water or as per the suggestion of the doctor. Guggul is the safest drug and free from side effects. Still it should be taken under appropriate medical consultation. We should go to consult a qualified, skilled and trained medical consultants

PRICE - Rs 60/- for 40 g.


I started taking these Yograj Guggul Vati twice a day initially but after few days, I got very irregular about this herbal joint pain tablet, unlike the Peedantak cream. So I can't really say if this vati has contributed much in relieving me of the muscular joint pain or not but I wanted to include it in the review since it can add to some sort of strength and advantage for those suffering with joints pain.
So this was all about this herbal & ayurvedic Patanjali Peedantak Muscular & Joint Pain Reliever Ointment and Divya Yograj Guggul Vati for Joints Pain. 

Yograj Guggul for Joint Pain

This is not a PR post, neither I have been benefited in some form but entirely based on my genuine review and personnel experience for the benefit of readers. People who regularly follow my blog, would know I love using herbal products in all forms specially Divya Patanjali since they are trustworthy, effective and come at a very reasonable price. I like sharing the cost effective products at my blog, so that most of the people around can easily afford these ayurvedic products for a healthy lifestyle naturally. My mother is also coughing a lot these days and none of the cough syrups have actually helped, so wanted to try their Divya Swasari Pravahi Cough Syrup but unfortunately its not available at most of the outlets. If any of Patanjali people reading this post, kind request to arrange this cough syrup in generous amount at your outlets since if a cough syrup is not available in winters, then its of very little use.

DISCLAIMER : Though this Peedantak Ointment & Yograj Guggul Vati are ayurvedic in nature but one must consult their family doctor and physician before using this to be on the safer side avoiding any extremities.

  1. Nice post dear... I would get this for my husband as he has been facing backache for past few days :)

  2. I am defo trying and recommending Patanjali Peedantak Ointment, its natural so no harm in giving a try :) Nice review

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  3. True, This is really good pain relief cream.. Massaging the ointment at the affected areas increases blood circulation and warmth and relieve from the pain.

  4. I have used this ointment. it gives good results.


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