Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap Review

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Friday, December 4, 2015

Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap Review

Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap

I'm not really fond of using soaps whether on body or on facial skin unless they fulfill any specific purpose like targeting acne, pimples, oil or dry skin. Since I suffer from back acne frequently, I do buy anti acne body cleanser to treat them. Like I love using Hamam Soap to get rid of back acne in summers in combination with one of the best talcum powder for back acne. But since I can't use these icy cool products in winters, I look for other cleansers and soap. This time i got the Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap because I'm a regular user of the Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Hand Wash so wanted to try the cleanser as well.

Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap

This Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap comes in 2 Variants, Complete & Fresh. I bought the one in complete because it looks similar to the PEARS BODY SOAP, which is one of my most favorite soap in looks, color and design. This however is slightly dark than Pears Body Cleanser but still very similar.

Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap Details

Variants - Complete & Fresh. 

Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap


Lifebuoy Clini-Care 10 Complete with Active Natural Shield gives 10x better germ protection and 10x more skin care^ than other germ protection ranges for full body protection. Like Strength and Care are inherent in nature, Lifebuoy's breakthrough technology Active Natural Shield gives you superior protection while caring for your skin.

With uplifting green-nature freshness for full body protection. Like Strength and Care are inherent in nature.

INGREDIENTS : Lifebuoy's patented germ protection technology, Active Natural Shield

Price - Rs 52/- for 125g.

Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap Review

This soap comes in a very similar packaging of white box like most of the soaps with a transparent pack inside having the cleanser in it. The soap is somewhat transparent with the effect of dark brown coffee shade and has a smooth texture. The one con here is the fragrance of the soap. It's not bad but so strong that it becomes too overpowering of you take the cleanser close to your nose to feel. It could have been little soothing and gentle.

Lifebuoy Clini Care Antiseptic Soap

Application & Results
On application, this soap lathers little less than regular soaps. It cleanses the skin very well but does not lather as generous the other cleansers do. However in spite of less lather, this soap takes away all dirt, grease and oil from skin leaving the skin bit stretchy. I suffer from somewhat dry skin in winters and the skin feels little stretchy and dry after use of this soap. I bought this soap to reduce my back acne since it's a medicated soap with antiseptic properties, thought best to treat acne and which it really did. After using this body cleanser for dew days, my acne pimples got dried but they left lot of dryness with them.

Overall I think this Lifebuoy Clini Care 10 Soap is a great body cleanser for oily acne prone skin but not so good for dry skin. People with dry din should stay away from this specially in winters but if you suffer from acne with lot of oiliness around then you should definitely try this soap. Though the price of this is slightly more than the regular soaps, but definitely worth. I would surely be buying this again in summers.


One of the best anti bacterial soap.
Known medicated body cleanser.
Works great on oily skin.
Removes dirt, oil grease effectively.
Reduces acne and pimples all over.
Good in look and texture.
Easily available online & offline both
Comes on variants to choose from.


Might be drying for dry skin beauties.
Leaves skin dry with a stretchy feel.
Fragrance too strong, might give headache to those with sensitive nose.

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