Armaf Vanity Femme Essence Deo Review

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Armaf Vanity Femme Essence Deo Review

Armaf Vanity Essence Deodorant

This is a review on a perfume body spray deodorant specially for women from the brand ARMAF. It's Armaf Vanity Femme Essence Body Spray for Women. I know most of you might not have heard about this name because this is not a very common brand in deodorant's but I got to know about this on a recent visit to a mall and I was quite attracted by the very cute looking attractive packaging of this deo.  You cannot take your eyes away once you get a glimpse of the beautiful feminine deodorant from Armaf. Take a look at the beautiful bottle of this.

Armaf Vanity Femme Essence Review
Armaf Vanity Femme Deodorant

Armaf Vanity Essence Deo Details
A mesmerizing fragrance of love, romance and sensual elixir for those who enjoy infatuation and love. Floral top notes open with sensual essences of jasmine, bitter orange wrapped in sweet notes of peach and magnolia blossom. Base consists of soft amber and musky notes intertwined with white flowers.

PRICE - Rs 300/- (approx) for 200 ml

Armaf Vanity Essence Deodorant Review

As mentioned before this deodorant comes in a very beautiful attractive packaging. Along with being feminine in its look, it's also quite sturdy and looks very rich compare to the regular deodorant sprays. The cream peach shade of the bottle adds to the beauty of this femme perfume.

Armaf Vanity Femme Essence Review
Armaf Essence Deodorant

One can easily feel the gentle and very pleasant aroma of this Femme Essence once you take the nozzle close to yourself with a very refreshed feel.

On spray,  this releases a very gentle floral fragrance with a soft touch which lasts for quite longer period at least 6-7 hours if not much. I usually spray it strong for this much lasting effect because with the light release the effect remains for hardly 2 hours.

Overall I think this is a very good gentle feminine spray for daily use. It's very pleasant, refreshing and gentle with a floral effect and definitely makes you more confident with the feel of refreshing aroma. I think every girl should try this at least once because this comes with a rich look, pleasant fragrance for women at a very affordable price. The only downside being its availablity offline at very few stores.

Armaf Vanity Femme Perfume Deo review
Armaf Femme Essence Body Spray

Rich classy look bottle.
Gentle soothing fragrance.
Fragrance gives a refreshing feel on spray.
Long lasting enough with sufficient release.
Comes in lot of Variants.
Better than regular deodorants.
Reasonably priced.

Not easily available.
Not very long lasting if used lightly.

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