Sancha Healthy Fresh Green Tea Review

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sancha Healthy Fresh Green Tea Review

Green Tea Rich In Antioxidants

I like sipping a cuppa of ORGANIC GREEN TEA every day specially in winters. Green Tea is most commonly known as an immunity booster. Along with boosting immunity and internal strength, it helps us in many other ways like helping in WEIGHT LOSS, improving our skin tone and texture, preventing cold, cough, fever and helping us to remain fit and healthy overall. Cold and cough is very common for me in winters so I make sure to have it atleast once a day. I keep trying different brands of the herbal green tea. I even reviewed the very famous ORGANIC INDIA GREEN TEA, this time it's Sancha's Healthy Fresh Green Tea. Read below to find out detailed review and my experience with this.

Sancha Organic Green Tea Review
Sancha Green Tea Review

Green Tea claims?
The Master Tea Taster brings you Indian Green Tea which is richer in antioxidants. Chosen from select species of tea bushes in India, these teas are richer in Antioxidants called Catechins by Health Scientists. This tea is made by a process used in China that gives it a touch of smoke although its fuller bodied as compared to Chinese green tea.
PRICE - Rd 230/- & US $ 7.5 Online.

Organic Green Tea Review
Healthy Fresh Green Tea Review

Healthy Fresh Pure Green Tea Review

This green tea comes in a beautiful velvet dark green cooled travel friendly pouch. The dark color with the velvet stuff makes this look a royal tea. Inside the pouch there is a transparent wrap containing the loose tea leaves. Take a look below:

Method of Making Green Tea:
The best way to make green tea is adding few leaves of it to hot water and then covering with the lid to let it sit there for a minute or two. This is done so that the water gets all the benefits and nutrients of the the green tea.
Tip-Make sure the water is nice hot and not boiling hot since the boiling hot could destroy the effectiveness of the nutrients in it.

Also keeping it on flame for long makes the tea taste very bitter and almost impossible to drink.
Once the water has been sitting with the tea leaves for a minute, just strain the water and  pour it in a mug. You can add sugar, honey or jaggery as per your choice but it like drinking it just by itself.
Now have this sip by sip while its hot enough to get full benefits of this. The best time to have it is empty stomach in the morning.

I have been drinking this green tea since few days and really enjoying every sip of this except at times when I over boil it and it turned bitter. I feel quite light and active after drinking this tea with better health without any cough or cold but no such difference in weight. I like this tea overall except that it does not help in weight loss but my favorite green tea would be the one from Organic India. I like it so much that I even got it in capsule form to have it even on the go.
Do try this green tea if you wish to stay fit and healthy with a cup of this health drink everyday.

Daily health drink.
Boosts immunity if taken on regular basis.
Helps to fight with cough and cold.
Makes us healthy.
Decreases the frequency of getting I'll.
Easy to make and drink.
Not too bad in taste, just average.

Some might not like the taste.
No huge difference in weight loss.
Difficult to find pure and organic.

Sancha Organic Green Tea
Sancha Green Tea Review
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