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Sunday, June 17, 2012



Today I am doing a DOVE FACE WASH REVIEW – well the full name of the face wash is DOVE FACIAL FOAM GENTLE EXFOLIATING face wash. This Dove Facial cleanser comes with Micro Beads & Moisture mik & claims to be mild & gentle enough for daily use.So is it gentle enough? Is it a good face wash for dull skin?Good facewash for sensitive skin or acne ?  Read the review below to find...


Dove Gentle Exfoliating Facial Foam contains a special combination of 1/4th moisture milk & microbeads that gently exfoliates dull lifeless skin cell to reveal new , beautifully soft & radiant skin.Mild & gentle enough for daily use.

PRICE- Rs 55/- for 50 g

REVIEW-Dove Gentle exfoliating face wash comes with Micro Beads & moisture milk & this was the 1st reason what made me buy this , since moisture milk is good for sensitive skin & I have the same. Along with this Dove Products are known to be gentle & safe for sensitive skin , morever this Dove Face Wash name- GENTLE EXFOLIATING itself claims to be gentle for daily use , so I thought I should try this Dove Facial Foam Cleanser atleast once.

PACKAGING- The face wash comes in a very handy & travel friendly tube with a flip top , convenient to use. Take a look below


On applying , this DOVE FACE WASH is very creamy , YOu might even feel like as if you are applyingb cream instead of face wash. Take a look at the picture below & you will definitely get to know how creamy the face wash is.

The quantity required to clean the face is quite less ( half of what shown in picture above is sufficient to clean entire face). This Dove face wash lathers little less may be because of milk in it , but does it role of cleaning the face very well.

The face wash cleans the face nicely , exfoliating it & removing the dead skin. This is the reason , I prefer using this face wash when I feel my skin is too dull & lacks glow completely. It instantly revitalizes my skin making it look glowy , moreover it does not aggravate my acne or irritate my sensitive skin. All the things work in my favor , thats why I just love this face wash.That the reason I am going to purchase the 3rd tube of this facewash as my this 2nd tube is about to end , can see in the picture below.

Overall I would definitely recommend this DOVE GENTLE EXFOLIATING FACE WASH to people with all skin types since its really gentle.


Very Good Brand- DOVE
Safe For Sensitive skin
Exfoliates dull skin
Reduces unstubborn blackheads
Comes in a very travel friendly & hygienic tube
Does not aggravate acne.
Gentle enough on skin
Does what it claims.
Cheap face wash


Dont know if its available easily or not.
People with oily skin might not like it , since its too creamy.

RATING- 4.5/5

  1. Thanks for the info. This is a great review.

    I really enjoy your blog especially your writing style :)

    -The Anon Blogger

  2. Thanx a lot...I just hope I keep writng reviews people like:-)

  3. nice one. where did you fins product? any site?

  4. Whr did u fnd ths product??cn ny1 hlp me in gettng ths product pplpplllllllllllzzzzzzz


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